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Hydration and skincare routine aside, being on a healthy diet and practising the right lifestyle habits are other factors that contribute to the state of your skin. If you’re wondering why your skin is misbehaving despite lavishing it with the best skincare products, here are four reasons why you might be experiencing breakouts and other skin woes.

Firstly, your diet might have too much protein and not enough fats. 

A low-carb diet is great for losing fat, but a high protein intake can actually dry out your skin which leads to tight patches and a rough texture. Our skin also needs lipids to maintain a solid and supple barrier, so removing fat from your diet can cause your skin to become weak and sensitive. There is a reason why babies have such squeezable and smooth skin!

What you should do: If you need to stick to a low-carb diet, be sure to drink plenty of water and boost your skin with a hydrating serum. Diet-wise, you can include foods like almonds and avocados as they are rich in good fats and vitamin E which support skin lipids.


Secondly, going off the pill can result in excessive sebum production.

If you’ve stopped taking birth control pills, this will likely result in excessive sebum production, causing more of your pores to clog and before you know it, angry-looking pimples are forming around your nose, mouth and chin. The horror! Reason for this excess? The supply of artificial oestrogen from your birth control pills is no longer there to suppress your androgen male hormones, so there’s nothing suppressing your sebum production as well.

What you should do: Calm and clear your congested skin with pH-balancing products that won’t strip away precious oils.

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The third culprit: excessive perspiration from working out.

Unfortunately, not all effects from keeping fit are good. Sweating excessively can cause ‘baby acne’ – tiny red spots and boils found along your hairline and jawline. Perspiration aggravates the yeast that naturally occurs on skin, and in some cases it can cause a fungal skin infection.

What you should do: Definitely don’t stop working out! Instead, get an antifungal cream from your doctor and be sure to wash your face before and after every workout with a hypoallergenic cleanser.

Finally, stress. 

When we get stressed, anxious or anything nerve-wrecking – all of which wedding planning will inevitably bring on – our adrenal glands release the steroid cortisol to stabilise our organs. The downside of this function? It can inhibit collagen production in our skin and in the long run, our complexion will start to look grey and haggard. Exactly what you don’t want to be as a bride. 

What you should do: Treat yourself to some revitalizing, anti-stress skincare products and mask yourself! Other non-skincare related suggestions: Take a time-out from wedding prep and go on a trip with your boo, delegate your wedding chores to a wedding planner or friends who are able to help, or just let go and let live.