Photo: Darren Chang, assisted by Angela Chang for Her World Brides Sept 2016. Set design, favours, stationery and floral arrangements: Inside The Knot. Cakes: Shirly Twirly.

Before Pinterest, brides-to-be relied on the thick binder or folder, home to magazine cut-outs, fabric swatches, invitation samples, receipts and so on.

Then the photo-sharing site came along. Now, it’s so much easier to collect and collate ideas you can peruse instantly and easily. While Pinterest comes with its conveniences, it has its drawbacks too. For instance, Pinterest-worthy weddings (and the pressure that comes with it), are a real thing. 

Here, five thoughts every bride may go through while looking through Pinterest during the wedding planning process.

1. Pretty wedding ideas, everywhere
If you’re newly-engaged and are seeking ideas for wedding themes and colours, you should be familiar with the feeling of excitement and enthusiasm while perusing related pins on Pinterest. From brambly bouquets to posies, poofy ballgowns to sexy illusion dresses… the possibilities are endless.

2. Organisation made easy
Instead of struggling with numerous pieces of paper, Pinterest is a godsend when it comes to getting organised. While it doesn’t actually provide you with a timeline (see our wedding checklist guide here) with a list of things to do, sorting things out, like your wedding dress, flowers, venues, is a breeze.

3. Decisions and money issues
After the excitement’s died down, and it’s time to start setting a budget amongst making other serious decisions, you might find yourself whittling down the pins in your boards (i.e. you’ll be looking at things your budget can reasonably afford). That’s not such a bad thing when it comes to decision-making, but you may feel a sense of disappointment for a while.

4. DIY projects
Love the idea of making something that’s uniquely yours for the wedding? Pinterest is chock-full of them (see also: simple projects you can easily recreate)! From paper pom poms to mason jar centrepieces, invitations and so on… the ones on the site look effortless, pretty and are probably more cost-savvy than purchasing them. Do remember though: if you’re not planning for your wedding full-time, you may not have the luxury of time to complete them all. So save yourself the stress and pick only the ones that are important to you, and doesn’t take much time to recreate. See also: 5 projects you should never DIY for your wedding)

5. So many things, so little time
When it comes to crunch time, and you’re just a month away from the actual day, choosing your priorities are a must. This also means that if you’re unable to complete a project for your reception (like the welcome sign, buntings or aisle flowers), skip it and focus on other things instead.

That said, if you’re still on the hunt for ideas and tips, head to Her World Brides’ Pinterest account here.

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