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Avoid the crowds

Check the Singapore school holiday calendar before setting a date for the big day or planning a special trip. The same destination is often more expensive and more crowded when school is out of session.

To avoid kids completely, look for an adults-only hotel or resorts with an adults-only pool area for a more romantic tone.

Get upgraded on your flight

Airlines sometimes offer free upgrades to couples travelling for their wedding or their honeymoon if space allows. Singapore travellers can maximise their chances of bagging one by checking in early, politely mentioning the reason for travel and enquiring about the possibility of an upgrade.

Dressing up can also help – travellers who prefer to fly in comfy loungewear can pop it in their hand luggage and change in the lounge or on the flight.

Give yourself a day off

Singapore travellers are well advised to build in a rest day between their wedding and their honeymoon and another one after they return home. Travelling when exhausted from all the excitement of the big day is never a fun experience.

Get a room upgrade

Couples arranging a destination wedding will often receive special perks from the resort but honeymooners shouldn’t forget to make very clear why they are there when booking or checking into their room.

Many hotels make an effort to congratulate couples on their honeymoon and may provide anything from a bottle of champagne to a free spa treatment or even a room upgrade.

Lighten your load

Couples who plan to leave for a honeymoon straight after their destination wedding can lighten their post-ceremony luggage load by asking friends and family to take a few items back to Singapore for them.

There is no sense in dragging a just-worn wedding dress to yet another destination if this can be avoided.

Go where the dollar is the strongest

Singapore travellers should think about the strength of the Singapore Dollar relative to other currencies in the region when trying to plan the most cost-effective destination wedding or honeymoon.

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