Everyone loves a pretty and pastel theme for their wedding but sometimes pretty can be bland.  If you have a wedding planner on hand to help with your decor and prep, creating a beautiful celebration wouldn’t be a problem.  If you’re planning on doing everything yourself (with a your band of merry helpers) then there are some ideas to help you create striking decor without too much fuss.


1) Vivid Contrasts

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Pale pastel hues make for a pretty palette but the light shades can look washed out under florescent lights or under our harsh tropical sun. It best to mix in a bright hue with your pastels or for a more striking effect, pair contrasting colours like red with white or bright pink with blue.  

You can also stick to one colour like pink but make sure you use a variety of pink hues from the vivid, bright tones to the lightest blush pinks.

Consider having richly-coloured centrepieces at selected areas, where it’ll command drama and draw guests’ attention instantly.


2) Create focus

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If you’re on a budget and can’t afford too many types of flowers for your decor, think of creating ‘focus’ centerpieces within your decor. For example, use cheaper blooms to create lushness and arrange the more expensive blooms into smaller, pretty displays which you can scatter throughout the venue.

Instead of flowers, try other materials to create your tiny centerpieces – paper or ribbon crafts, cute hand written signs or even balloons.


3) Shine & Sparkle

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One of the fastest ways to amp up the glam factor of your settings and decor (even your wedding wardrobe) is to add some metallic shine or pretty sparkle. Use satin ribbons liberally in your decor whether as pretty bows or strung up to create beautiful wavy strands. Use the same ribbon and create a pretty belt for your wedding dress, bouquet and bridesmaids corsages.

Instead of real crystals use clear plastic ‘crystals’ and scatter them on your tables or the aisle for more glitter. You can even string plastic pearls and crystals and hang them as your stage backdrop or create a ‘curtain’ entrance for your venue.


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4) Subtly Oversized

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The bigger the better! But let’s keep it pretty and subtle as well! Oversized decorative items like paper rose blooms, or design elements like monograms and initials, grab the attention and can be the focus of your decoration. Instead of regular balloons, clusters of oversized balloons are fun and whimsical, too.

So think of how you can ‘beef’ up certain of your decor elements to make them more outstanding.  Just remember that balance is key – so don’t go overboard and oversize every item!


5) Beam me up, Scotty!

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Balloons are a pretty and affordable way to dress up your venue and add drama without much fuss. Simply tie a few colourful balloons, and place it at strategic spots to draw guests’ attention to choice spots. This works on everything, too – from your venue, to your bridal car decorations, and pre-reception area.


6) Light Works

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Most hotel venues will have a sound and lighting system you can use to create the mood you want. Rich, jewel-coloured lighting focusing on strategic corners of the venue space can create an instantly luxe ambiance. For a dreamy, gentle mood, try blue or light pink colours. The people handling the lights at the hotel will be able to help you select the right coloured lighting for the right mood, should their venue have the technology to do so.

The same goes for using candles and fairy lights for evening celebrations – these are inexpensive options you can use to add a warm, golden glow or a sparkly dreamy effect to your decor.

Just remember that lighting effects are meant to enhance the decor, not dominate it.


7) Cake walk

photos: febspantry/instagram

Instead of a regular tiered wedding cake, consider having a tower of wedding cupcakes, with a regular six-inch cake on top for your cake-cutting ceremony. This also adds visual impact, and you can save on having extra centrepieces to fill up the gap.

Remember: at the end of the day, colours, contrasts, height and light placement are important when it comes to having a beautiful celebration for less. So keep these tips in mind when approaching your wedding planner or venue coordinator while determining your colour palette. Good luck!


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