Take quick naps 

Some brides have to be awake from 4am in the morning to do their hair and makeup, and endure till the night’s celebrations!

Sleep deprivation and long hours on your feet can drag your physical state and mood down – you may not look your radiant best for the evening’s festivities.

Make sure you set aside at least one and a half hours for a quick afternoon nap when planning your wedding day schedule.

It’s always best to have the nap before you refresh your makeup for the wedding dinner. To have a sound sleep, make sure no one disturbs you; delegate your tasks to someone you can trust so they wont bother you during the nap.

Keep moving

Most people won’t want to be physically active when they’re feeling tired and drained; but keeping active may actually be the best solution to your physical state! 

You can keep moving around or do some simple stretching exercises in between your wedding activities.

Stand, instead of sit ( in comfy footwear!) and do exercises when you can. These activities will keep your energy level up, keep you alert and get your muscles moving.

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Dress right

If your dream ballgown weighs a ton and you’re running around the whole day lugging it around, you will be exhausted within the hour.

Besides the actual day wedding photo shoot (which usually happens after your tea ceremony), the only other time you will wearing the wedding dress is for your first entrance during the dinner. 

So always have a pretty dress on standby for a quick change when you don’t have to be in your wedding gown.

If you’re wearing your wedding dress for the church ceremony, there really is no need to wear the wedding dress for the tea ceremony. A pretty cheongsam or teat dress is good enough. If you’re not having a church event, you can wear your wedding dress for the tea or other wedding ceremonies.

Heels issue

Most brides would wear the highest heels to look taller on their wedding day (unless they prefer to match the height of their shorter other half…).

But to spend a whole day on heels (that you don’t usually wear normally) would be a killer experience for your legs! 

Besides the walk down the aisle and your walk-in during the dinner celebrations, you can cheat a little and get around in your wedding dress wearing mile high platforms or even stacked sneakers! If your dress is long enough, no one will notice the difference. 

And even if the do, I am sure your guests will understand, and find it amusing.

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Keep hydrated

Never underestimate the benefits of drinking lots of water in our hot and humid weather.

With all the rushing around, couples can forget to drink enough water, or they do so only when they are thirsty. That’s like filling up your car’s gas tank when it’s run out of gas and it’s sputtering to a stop, which is too late! 

Dehydration affects your physical condition and even your level of alertness and concentration. So drink water regularly throughout the day to keep your body hydrated, and ensure your energy levels are at their peak.

Note: How do you know if you’re drinking enough water? Your urine should be clear, not yellow, which is a sign that you’re not drinking enough.

Smaller meals please

Eat more to keep your energy levels up – but avoid big hearty meals. Eat or snack on smaller portions throughout the day instead of three big meals.

Think easy meals and snacks like nuts, fruits and simple sandwiches – these will boost your energy levels up when you are feeling fatigued.