Image: Pissarova

To wear or not to wear your engagement ring while you’re travelling? 

Being on vacation can be a bit of a logistical mess, so losing your ring or having it stolen is a very real possibility.

We asked some brides whether they travel with their bling and here’s what they think: 

Camp “Leave it at home”: 

“I left it at home because to me, if you can’t replace it, then don’t bring it with you.” 

“I usually leave my ring at home but I still travel with a cheaper ring because it feels weird not to have anything on my finger now.”

“I’m too afraid of being robbed so I don’t bring it on my trips.” 

“I only bring what I won’t worry about losing when I’m travelling. Holidays are meant to be enjoyed fully!” 

“I didn’t even wear my rings to my honeymoon because I was scared of losing them.” 

“If I’m traveling with my husband, I leave my ring at home because he’s proof enough that I’m married.”

“To me, it depends on which country I’m travelling to, and what I’ll be doing. So if its a trip that involves water sports, I won’t bring my ring.” 

Image: Ekaterina Pokrovsky

Camp “Wear it everywhere”:

“I wear it on my trips but when I feel that I’m in a questionable area, I would turn the diamond towards the inside of my palm. Caution is never a bad thing.”

“I wore it everywhere I went – Taiwan, Japan and even India. The only time its not on me is when I’m in the shower and I always wear it back on after I’m out.” 

“Do what is comfortable for you. I wear mine all the time because I find it sad to store away nice things instead of enjoying having them.”

“If you’re typically a careful person who doesn’t have the tendency to lose stuff, then I think you can consider wearing it.” 

“I wore it throughout my South America road trip – just make sure its insured!” 

And this husband: 

“My wife doesn’t wear her rings when we travel. While she says that she is afraid of losing them, I think she just does it to make me buy her rings when we’re overseas.”