1. White on white
It’s one of those “now you see it, now you don’t” cakes, where a deceptively simple appearance reveals a more complicated detail upon closer inspection. Either way, the patterned discs on this cake reveal depths of workmanship and talent by the baker.


Dreaming bigger. Happy weekend!! All the beautiful pretties @studiomondine @jenhuangphoto

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2. It’s all about texture
Wafer roses and dainty buttercream buttons or dragees on the bottom tier of this cake exudes oodles of sophistication.

3. Bon appetit
A French-inspired confection with tinges of Greek influence is so darn pretty!

4. Semi-naked cake
If a naked cake’s not your thing, but you’re also not into the layers of cream either, this semi-naked design is a lovely compromise.

5. Landscaped beauty
In love with just about everything here: the dramatic watercolour-like landscapes and the adorable camellias.

6. Riot of blooms
A bouquet of flowers and ornate details on this cake won’t look out of place at an opulent celebration.


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7. Mixed mediums
It’s a world of possibilities with this cake, with gold painted roses, watercolour-like hydrangeas, and marble fondant (which frankly, looks like someone poured a bottle of sky blue liquid all over it). Marvellous!

8. Spring is here
A cascade of blooms and butterflies makes this cake into a veritable garden in spring.


A cascading garden of sugar flowers & butterflies!

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9. Pink and gold
A painted pink cake with flecks of gold leaves is always feminine and refreshing.

10. Sweet dreams
A cake topped with white chocolate, meringues, marshmallows and roses is the stuff made of every bride’s dreams, we think.


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