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5 tips for wearing your wedding day jewellery with Lazare Diamonds

Accessorise your bridal look flawlessly with diamond wedding jewellery you'll love and these helpful hints.
#1 Don't overdo it
No matter how tempting it is to load up on baubles and bling, remember that you are the shining star. With exquisite attention to detail and precision, Lazare diamonds are exceptional stones with unparalleled brilliance and fire. Made part of your wedding day, its beautiful designs, including the LAZARE® Emblossom Ring, vibrantly symbolise the fires of passion and commitment in a marriage as they complement your appearance and inner beauty.  
The LAZARE® Emblossom Ring
#2 Match your metal to your dress
If yours is white, the white gold setting of the LAZARE® Signature Ring is a perfect match. 
The LAZARE® Signature Ring
#3 Consider your neckline
This plays a huge role in framing your face. Bring along a sketch or picture of your dress to your appointment with the Lazare Diamond specialist. 
Sweetheart or strapless: a choker or shorter necklace, like this stunning LAZARE® Roundel Necklace creates height and directs attention to your smile. Plus it is timeless. Alternatively, skip the necklace and wear these gorgeous sparkling LAZARE® RollerGlam Earrings with an updo for an elegant and sophisticated look.
The LAZARE® Roundel necklace and Rollerglam earrings.
If you plan to wear a beautiful V-neck gown, this simple but classic diamond LAZARE® Cleo necklace will add maximum glitter to your wedding gown! Had this necklace appeared during the times of the divine Cleopatra, it would have been part of her ensemble in the dramatic scene when she tumbled out of an unfurled carpet to meet the Roman general, Julius Caesar.  
The LAZARE® Cleo Necklace.
#4 Don't get overwhelmed
If you don't like too much bling all over, a diamond bracelet like the LAZARE® RollerGlam Bangles and the gorgeous Symphony Ring spell modern glamour. 
The LAZARE® RollerGlam bangles and Symphony ring.
#5 Be yourself
The most important thing about picking the perfect Lazare Diamond pieces for your wedding day is they should be a reflection of you. If you're not comfortable wearing big, chandelier earrings, stick to studs. Love the way you look in a choker? Go for it! If you're happy in all your accessories, you’ll feel confident – and that’s the best accessory ever.






Here's what you really want to look for in a beautiful diamond ring

The bigger, the better, right? Not always so. We're all aware of the 4Cs (Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight) of a diamond, and the carat weight especially, is what first comes to mind.

But the one important thing that really ups a diamond's bling factor?



A quick decoder: Rather than its shape (round, oval, pear, and so on), it actually refers to a diamond's proportions and parameters, which in turn affect how dazzling it looks on your ring finger. 

Engagement ring shopping tip: For the most bling for your buck and to nail the most gorgeous diamond possible, you may compromise on color, clarity or carat-weight but don't compromise on cut.




You might be familiar with Larry Jewelry, a leading jeweller in Asia. And at the heart of some of Larry Jewelry's most exquisite creations? The Lazare Diamond, a name that's synonymous with the Ideal Cut diamond. 


A bit of history:

Belgium diamond cutter Lazare Kaplan, founder of Lazare Diamonds, has come to be synonymous with the Ideal Cut.

A cousin of Lazare Kaplan, mathematician Marcel Tolkowsky, first published a formula that best optimises the brilliance, fire and sparkle in a polished round diamond - and the most sparkly diamond yet.

Mr. Kaplan later adopted this formula, becoming the first to commercially cut diamonds to ideal proportions and earning him the moniker of 'Mr Diamond".  


Thanks to immaculate engineering, the 57 facets of every round Lazare Diamond are cut and positioned precisely so that light rays entering the sides of the diamond are refracted towards its centre, then reflected through the top for maximum brilliance. 

Mr. Kaplan then branded his creation “The original ideal cut diamond since 1919®."



Aside from the four Cs, there's one other 'C' that makes a Lazare diamond so covetable: Consistency

Cut with precision and to pristine angles, only 1 to 2 percent of Lazare's production meets its quality and unequivocal ideal-cut standards - yes, that's exactly the kind of exceptional quality you can expect from a Lazare diamond. 

And on each diamond that's 0.18 carat and larger, you'll find a laser-inscribed logo together with its individual number on its circumference using its founder's patented technology.

Not only does this affirm the authenticity and brand confirmation of your rock as an ideal-cut Lazare Diamond, it also marks the proof of your ownership should you lose it or if it gets stolen. 


Engagement ring care tip: The first step to minimise losing your precious sparkler? If it isn't already, have it fitted to your finger right after you've been engaged. Sure, you'll have to part ways with your ring for a while, but better now than forever!

Avoid taking it off when you're out of the house, and allocate a specific place at home for it so you'll always know where to look. You may also want to consider getting ring insurance.



With each Lazare diamond, you can be sure of a conflict-free diamond. 

The brand follows a policy of zero tolerance for conflict diamonds, championing sustainable and ethical mining practices, humanitarian efforts, the safe treatment of miners, and more stringent diamond sourcing practices. 


This article was brought to you by Her World Brides in partnership with Larry Jewelry.