#1 Trust the photographer you’ve chosen

Pick a photographer whose portfolio and aesthetics you admire, and trust that he will deliver. (Here are 10 tips to note when working with your wedding photographer.) Imposing a certain type of style that’s not quite his or her personal aesthetic may make your photos look contrived. Which brings us to the next point…


#2 Use Pinterest pictures as a guide

And not to replicate. Plenty of factors affect the way your pictures will turn out so you can show your photographer your references and the mood you’d like to convey but not aim to mimic the exact pose, setting or expression. Plenty of fantastic photos you see online were shot candidly and probably unexpectedly. So relax, trust your photographer and let the magic happen!


Yoga Lin and his wife, actress Kiki Ting show that you don’t need to be dressed in your wedding finery for your pre-wedding portraits! Image: Yoga Lin’s Facebook 

#3 Comfort is key

Physically, this can be anything from your outfits to hair and makeup that make you feel beautiful. Your outfit should also allow for ease of movement. Consider the weather as well – a bulky gown will have you hot and sweaty in no time in a humid climate. A great photographer will also help in putting you at ease.



Carina Koh and Paw Su Yuan’s mesmerising shots at dusk in Santorini, Greece

#4 The right light

Having done plenty of outdoor shoots, here’s what we can say – the best timings to capture the dreamiest daytime shots are at dawn and dusk. In the morning, before the light gets harsh (not to mention, it gets hot!), there’s an ultra soft and ethereal feel just as the day breaks. For a golden glow that gives a magical vibe, gun for the evening, about an hour before the sun sets.

If yours is an indoor shoot, unless you’re going for a super stylised look, consider a venue with large windows so you get natural light streaming in.


#5 Practice your poses

While your photographer will be on hand to guide you, it’ll help save plenty of time and frustration if you know what works for you, and what doesn’t. If you’re an avid selfie-taker, you might already know which angles or side of your face looks better. If not, try it out with a mirror at home. 

In fact, these posing hacks will help you look better (and slimmer) in your photos


See Cheryl Wee & Roy Fong’s pre-wedding portraits shot in London and Florence! 

#6 Don’t forget to laugh

Again, unless you’re gunning for edgy high fashion-type pictures, laughter in your shots bring a happy mood to your shots and a twinkle to your eyes. Plus, it’ll help in getting you to feel more relaxed in your photos. 


Read why wedding planner Emmalyne Pang of The Wedding Entourage, chose a simple, casual pre-wedding shoot over a majestic backdrop with her fiance, Roy Jr Gan. Photography: Skyy Woo Photography


#7 Cosy up

IMHO, wedding photos are meant to capture the love and intimacy between a couple. So don’t hesitate to plant one on her cheek, lean in for a romantic kiss, or lean on his shoulder. Just don’t turn it into an all-out smoochfest that’ll make it awkward for your photographer… 


#8 Discuss how the photos will be used

This affects how your photographer will be framing your shots. For example, do you want more vertical shots for your wedding invitations? Or do you want more landscape ones to fit into your wedding website’s layout?