Want to give your partner a sweet surprise? It doesn’t have to be OTT or extravagant (although, well, a boudoir photo album’s a sure hit). Here, unexpected touches that will bring an even wider smile to their faces and get them even more excited to marry you!


Image: Ruslan Grigoriev/123rf.com

#1 Write a love letter

There’s nothing quite as romantic and beautiful as a heartfelt handwritten note. You can have it delivered to him or her via one of the bridesmaids or groomsmen, or leave it in a place where your partner won’t discover til the wedding day. 


#2 A wedding journal or scrapbook

This will need a little preparation way before the big day – in fact, you can start any time in your relationship. Keep a journal with you, jot down memorable moments, and include pictures of the both of you, memorabilia (movie stubs, post-it notes, anything really!) and present it to your significant other on the day of. 


#3 Breakfast delivery

Image: Jarungthip Jarin/123rf.com

If you’re staying in the hotel, order breakfast in the morning. If not, well, there’s always the good ol’ food delivery service. Think something simple and nutritious like an omelette, oatmeal, greek yoghurt or brown rice congee to tide your partner through the day and warm the cockles of their heart. Pay attention to the type of food though – skip salt-laden or bloat-inducing foods. (See also: Avoid these 10 foods on your wedding day)


#4 Stash a hamper or snack pack in their room

If a breakfast delivery isn’t quite possible, consider sneaking a hamper filled with healthy snacks or breakfast bites. You can enlist the help of your wedding entourage, or sneak them in his or her closet the day before. Don’t forget to include a heartfelt note!


#5 Plan a surprise performance

It doesn’t have to be an all-out dance performance. Singing his or her favourite love song (or your song) If you already know how to play a music instrument, even better. If not, consider picking it up for the wedding day. We’re sure your newfound skill will come in handy on other occasions, too!



#6 Send a video message

Pre-record a video message You can play it during the reception, or if you think your partner prefers something more private, send it in the morning before you get to see each other in person – nothing quite beats seeing a loved one’s face while he or she’s having the wedding day nerves. 

You can also include messages from loved ones. 


#7 Make a detour

If there’s time, revisit a spot that holds meaning for the both of you – every couple’s got one. Think your first date, your favourite haunt, the place you first kissed… You can do this after the ceremony or vows, and before the reception.


#8 Have a private moment


Didn’t manage to steal time for that trip? Amidst all the photo taking, speeches, and frenzy of the wedding day, try to sneak a moment for just the two of you. It’s a celebration of your union, after all. 


#9 Plan a groom’s cake

Image: Her World Brides

If your partner had wanted something a little quirky when it came to the wedding cake but it didn’t quite fit the wedding theme, surprise him with a cake of his own. 


#10 Accessorise their outfit

If your spouse-to-be doesn’t already have one, get an accessory that would go with their wedding day outfits. If you’re worried it wouldn’t match, opt for something small, discreet and fail-proof, like crystal studs or an elegant brooch for the bride, and cufflinks or lapel pin for the groom.