Gown from The Gown Warehouse, headband from Gioielli

#1 Wear a dress that flatters your figure

Different dress shapes flatter different body types, and you should pick one that highlights your assets and downplays what you don’t want to show.

If you’re not sure what type you are, your designer or assistant at the bridal salon should be able to give you some advice. Or refer to our guide here: The best wedding dress styles for every body shape.


#2 Stand tall

Proper posture makes all the difference when it comes to looking sharp (or sloppy) in front of your photographer.

You don’t have to stand straight and at attention all the time,but little things like shifting your shoulders back and keeping your back straight will prevent you from looking slouchy. Just try and take note when you’re feeling tired in the midst of all the festivities.


#3 Wear good underwear

It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a corset, regular underwear, or Spanx. Putting on the right bridal undergarments, will help flatter your shape and silhouette.

Want to hide your tummy? If your gown doesn’t really have a firm structure, you can consider wearing a corset and a shapewear over your corset! 


#4 Stand at an angle

This helps especially if you’re taking group shots (which you will be taking almost all day). Just remember: Don’t face the camera full-on since it shows you at your widest angle.

 Keep your arms away from your body so they aren’t squished against your body – you don’t have to keep them in the “pageant” pose (you know, the one with the elbow bent and hand on the hip), which can look posed, but keep them slightly bent or hold them slightly away from your side. 


#5 Good shoes matter

In addition to height, heels also make your calves appear slimmer and make you stand upright. Just don’t go for sky-high stilettos if you don’t usually wear them – they’ll be a major pain throughout the day. To give the illusion of longer and leaner legs, nude hues (choose ones closest to your skin tone) are a go-to. If you’re wearing new shoes, don’t forget to break them in. You will be on your feet the entire day, and if your kicks are uncomfortable, it will show. (See: 15 COMFORTABLE (AND AFFORDABLE!) BRIDAL SHOES THAT WON’T KILL YOUR FEET)