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With Christmas and New Year’s Eve being two of the most popular periods for proposals (probably in part thanks to the festive atmosphere, champagne, and the season of giving), we’ve come up with a list of events during the season to propose.


#1 During dinner with the family
If family matters to you or your partner, consider involving your family in the proposal by doing it in their presence. Dinner’s the one of the few times where you’ll all be gathered in one place, and it’s probably easier to do it at the table. It’s best to propose before or after the meal and not mid-meal as you don’t want anyone choking over the turkey in excitement over your news. Also be sure if she’ll be open to the idea of getting engaged in front of an audience – she might have dreamt of a private moment between the two of you instead. 


#2 When you’re putting up the Christmas tree


Make it special by putting the ring in an ornament. The ornament should be opaque so you don’t spoil the surprise. It should also, preferably be shiny, or something that catches her attention ’cause that’s what you want. And when she’s (hopefully) admiring it, take it down, open it, and give her the surprise of a lifetime.


#3 Give it as a gift
‘Cause let’s face it, an engagement ring is a fairly expensive present to give. And what better time to give it than when she’s opening the presents? You can do it in a few ways: the straightforward way where she opens the wrapping and finds a jewellery box,  have the jewellery box nestled within several layers of larger boxes stuffed with other items to keep her in suspense, or keep the box.


#4 Or have an Xmas gift treasure hunt

Include small, meaningful gifts on the hunt (it can be keepsakes, or something you know she’ll like) that lead up to the biggest gift – we’re talking about the ring. Each little gift can come with questions and hints that show how well you know her. The final location you choose can be somewhere meaningful too – home, your first date or a restaurant you both love. 



#5 A proposal on ice
We might not have flurries of snow and ice sheets to add to the wintry atmosphere, but we do have ice skating rinks. If she’s into that thing, we recommend you take a few lessons or practice a few rounds before you plan a date at the ice skating rink.


#6 Under the mistletoe


If you’re into tradition, hang a mistletoe in the doorway of your home, and pop the question after the kiss.


#7 During the countdown on New Year’s Eve
New year, new you. And there’s no better time to have an addition to the family officially with a proposal.


#8 At the beach or at a New Year’s Eve party
With a multitude of New Year’s Eve party options, you have no excuses here. If you don’t mind carrying the ring around (you just have to be vigilant so you don’t end up losing it), proposing with the backdrop of fireworks might make it all worth it.


#9 Overseas
If you’re on vacation during the December holidays, popping the question in a romantic city, or when you’re in a hotel room would be a great idea. Again, the downside would be that you’ll have to be careful when bringing the ring everywhere.