Wedding blues or marital bliss? Take care to avoid these common mistakes that will make you an unhappy bride-to-be!

Mistake #1: Rushing your engagement
Some couples prefer long engagements while others would rather tie the knot sooner. There are no right or wrong timelines for engagements, but we’ve found the ideal length to last about one to one and a half years. It’s not too long to be tired of it already, but it’s not too short that you leave yourself scrambling for time looking for vendors or completing your many DIY projects.


Mistake #2: Not getting your priorities right
Always put yourselves and your needs first. Sure, your wedding isn’t all about you, but it is your big day, and you have to be happy with the decisions you make (obviously). Instead of trying to please everyone, determine the type of celebration and budget, and work from there. That said, if your parents and loved ones have any suggestions to make, keep an open mind, and factor in some of their wants, if you think it’s doable.


Mistake #3: Making certain decisions too early
Don’t make any major dress or decor decisions unless you’ve confirmed your budget/guestlist/theme.



Mistake #4: Buying a dress that’s a few sizes too small
Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. Likewise, buy your wedding dress in your current size, and make alterations only when you’ve lost weight. There is no point trying to buy a dress you can’t fit in, and end up panicking when you realise you’ve not reached your “ideal figure” closer to your wedding date.


Mistake #5: Wanting a bigger wedding party or larger number of guests
You don’t have to feel obligated when it comes to asking loved ones to be a part of your party if you want to keep things small. For instance, you don’t have to ask a friend who’s asked you to be a part of hers many years ago if you haven’t kept in touch. If there is pressure from family members, assign other roles such as readers during the ceremony, ushers, hosts at the reception table, and so on.

Likewise, if you’re not seeking a grand reception but feel you have to make up for the number of tables at your venue, consider another venue instead. There’s no point in having a larger number of guests, when you know you’ll be rushing through conversations throughout the night.


Mistake #6: Thinking it’s all about you
This may seem contradictory, but it’s something you have to take note of. Instead of pouring all your energies into make your wedding look Pinterest perfect, consider your guests too. Make sure they’re well fed, and can make their way to your venue easily (for instance, consider shuttle buses if your wedding’s located in a spot where public transport isn’t readily available). Your guests have made the effort to attend your wedding, so it’s on you to try and make them feel as comfortable as possible. 




Mistake #7: Spending every waking hour talking about the wedding
Yes, it’s your big day, but people will eventually get tired of hearing every single detail about your wedding. For instance, even if your fiance is willing to help, drowning him with Pinterest pins and stacks of bridal magazines will put him off sooner than later. Arrange weekly date nights, where you catch up with one another and talk about everything but the wedding. This will allow both of you a much-needed break.


Mistake #8: Pinning/saving every pretty #weddinginspo pic
Sure, they’re pretty to look at, but you may suffer from a serious case of wedding envy, and want to emulate everything you see on Pinterest, Instagram, or wedding blogs. Newsflash: All the pretty pictures were done by a dedicated team with the resources and time to create all these pretty items. If you don’t have a particularly large budget, or time for many DIY projects, close that browser, and move on to the next wedding task.


Mistake #9: Not seeking help
Even if you’re not getting a wedding planner to help with the preparations, we highly recommend a day-of coordinator (a professional or a trusted relative or friend). When you’re busy getting married (and experiencing all the emotions that come with the package), you’ll want someone to help oversee the timeline of events, and to deal with any last-minute hiccups or queries. Likewise, assign tasks to your bridal party if you need help – they’re there to help making your preparations easier.



Mistake #10: Not knowing your officiant or DJ
Make sure they know you well enough to not botch your names up (at least!) during the ceremony, and the reception. Also, if time permits, meet them individually to discuss what you want or don’t want in your ceremony and playlist. 



Mistake #11: Not having a video recorded
We’ve had many brides tell us their wedding day passed them by in a flash, they didn’t know where the time went to! One way to relive those sweet memories, is to record a video of your wedding, so you can coo over all the little details you painstakingly prepared, and tear up at the sweet speeches made. If that’s not high on your list of priorities, seek a friend or, or ask guests to film short clips of significant moments you may want to keep (you can leave signs on every table asking them to film or take photos whenever certain events happen).

Or, save on the hours by hiring a videographer (these are the tips to note when hiring your videographer) only for certain parts of your wedding. If your morning ceremony means more to you, skip the reception, and have him or her come only in the morning, and vice versa for the reception.


Mistake #12: Freaking out over changes
If, halfway into the planning process, you’ve decided your theme isn’t quite working out, don’t be afraid to change it. Make a list of things you may have to tweak (such as the colour theme, favours, flowers, and so on), and contact the relevant vendors.