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13 of our real couples share their best wedding planning tips

Our real couples share with us what they consider to be their top wedding planning tips - from getting the right wedding vendors to sticking to your budget and timeline.

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Lee Ke Li, 28: 

"It is important to respect opinions from your elders, but we also believe in choosing what your heart leads you to. We had an amazing day of beautiful memories, and were happy and relieved when it was over.

Budget-wise, we made sure to set a realistic one while not skimping on what we truly wanted." 


Claire Lim, 28:

“My biggest tip would be not to sweat over the little things and play to your strengths.

There were clearly things that my husband was better at than me, so always remember to work as a team and everything will work out fine on the big day.”


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Lyn Kua, 33: 

"Planning wise, it is never too early to plan for your big day. Always ask yourselves if it is a detail someone would remember after the wedding. Spend wisely and avoid making unnecessary purchases or add-ons." 


Munching Teo, 26:

“Trust your friends to run the show for you on the actual day and just enjoy the moment!”


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Lenice Tan, 26: 

"DIY as much as you can. Your wedding should also have elements that reflect your personalities. We designed our own artwork and invites, and purchased props to personalise the event.

Don’t forget to have a projected budget for all your wedding items prior to spending! That way, you’ll be able to track your expenses." 


Janini Murali Dharan, 26:

“It is really important to know what you want and what your budget is. Once this is set, it is important to try and stick to the budget no matter what.

From there, we prioritised where we wanted to put our money in and what we could save on.”


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Rohajirah Rohmadon, 28: 

“Plan early and choose your vendors carefully. We had shortlisted our desired vendors two years before our intended wedding date and that gave us ample time to consider the options available to us.

Most established vendors are usually fully booked as soon as their slots are open for booking, so it best to know what you are gunning for in advance.”


Estelle Goh, 25:

“Always keep an open mind about items that you can reuse! But do set some limits on DIY projects because these might actually incur more costs.

It could cost you less to purchase something that’s affordable (and resell them in future), or to rent something.”



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Joshua Ang, 29:

“For me, if you’re going to have a wedding, make sure it’s done well and make your wife happy, because it’s once in a lifetime –and she’s worth it.

Of course there’d be stuff that you can save on, but personally, I think everything at our wedding turned out well, so it was money well spent!”


Wayne Ong, 33:

“Be patient and understanding towards each other. There are bound to be disagreements so you’ll have to learn to compromise, whether you like it or not.

You should also select your bridal party wisely. You’ll be stressed out and occupied on that day so that’s when your brothers and sisters can step in as extra helping hands – to ensure your actual day celebrations run smoothly.

And of course, be sure to show your appreciation to everyone who helped in your wedding.”



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Vanessa Chiong, 27:

“You don’t need to spend too much money trying to make your wedding a perfect one. We decided to cut down on some of the frills like engaging a vendor for our photo booth.”


Yvonne Khoo, 25:

“Pick a great wedding stylist whose vision you trust and share, as this means that you can give them full rein instead of obsessing over every detail.

Ours took away so much of the planning frenzy and stress for us, especially since we were planning our wedding from a different country.”


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Kay Shen:

“It’s best to have at least a year to prepare in advance and to inform your friends and family as early as possible. They might have their own plans so you’ll need to block their time ahead.

Also, try to get your guests to RSVP at least two months in advance so you can arrange their accommodation – if you’re having a destination wedding – in order to avoid overbookings or last minute cancellations.

Another important thing is to hire a good wedding photographer! It’s worthwhile in the end.”