Do you really need to a bridal hair trial? 

While it might add on to your wedding cost, it’ll also save you the stress (trust us, we’ve heard lots of actual day horror stories) of a hairstyle that doesn’t work for you on the big day. 

It allows you to have a real-life visualisation of your wedding day appearance and you’ll be able to get an expert’s opinion on whether your dream Pinterest hairstyle is actually doable on your tresses. Plus, it gives you the chance to know your stylist, especially if you haven’t worked with him or her before. 

We tap on award-winning hairstylist Den Ng of Prep Luxe, who has 14 years of experience in the industry and has played hairdresser to names like Andy Serkis, Michael Pena, Tan Kheng Hua and Marvel director Anna Boden, for his tips on what brides should know.


Celebrity hairstylist Den Ng with Andy Serkis. Photo: Instagram/@den_ng/

#1 Bring your bridal and evening gown

Yes, your gown. Many of you might know to bring inspiration pictures, hair accessories, earrings and  your veil, but most importantly, your hairstyle has to work with your gown. “Bringing your gown is the best way to visualise exactly how you’ll look like on the big day. It’ll also help the hairstylist decide on the best style to suit the neckline, and so on. If you can’t, or if your gown is with the tailor for alterations, bring a photo of you in the dress (both the front and the back!). Some brides also schedule their trials at home so it’s more convenient,” says Den. 


#2 Wear makeup

“It’s best if you can schedule your makeup trial on the same day (right before the hair trial) so  you can get what I call ‘a total look’. Otherwise, apply a similar makeup look that you’re planning to wear on the actual day.”


#3 You can wash your hair before the day of the trial

While you may have heard that dirty hair is easier to work with, Den recommends washing your hair the night before (both the trial day and wedding day) to cut down on the grease and grime, especially if your roots are prone to oiliness. Plus, there’s the heat and humidity of our tropical climate, too. 

Wash and dry your hair the night before the trial, without applying products.



Photo: Her World Brides Photography: Angela Guo. Styling: Michelle Lee. Hair: Den Ng. Makeup: Beno Lim. Model: Joycelyn Thiang. Venue: Poppy Flora Studio

#4 Brief your hairstylist on your wedding day

Give your hairstylist a rundown of the number of outfit changes, and the itinerary of your day. This helps hi or her come up with the best hairstyles to suit your dresses, and decide if it’s easy to transition from a particular hairdo into another.


#5 Book your hair trial earlier in the day

This gives you a few hours to take your ‘do out on a spin and test out if it’ll hold as you walk around.

Of course, “for hairstyles like old Hollywood waves, don’t expect it to last the entire day, especially in our humid weather. And don’t run your fingers through it either!”


#6 Schedule your trial at least a couple of months before

It’s best to already have nailed your venue, picked your gown(s), and have a rough idea of how your big day will proceed so don’t book your trial ahead of everything. On the flip side, don’t put it off until it’s too late either, since you’ll want to have enough time to mull over it, make changes, or decide if you want to look for a new stylist altogether. 



Photo: Her World Brides Photography: Zaphs Zhang. Styling: Michelle Lee. Hair: Den Ng. Makeup: Beno Lim. Model: Keely Lim

#7 Let him or her know if you’re planning to colour your hair

Don’t surprise your hairstylist on the day of with a striking shade of red or bold highlights. The colour of your mane (these colours are perfect for Asian brides-to-be!) will affect your hairstyle. An ombre or balayage effect, for example, can impact how your final updo looks like. 



#8 Take a bunch of photos

Once you’ve pinned down a style you’re happy with, don’t forget to snap photos, and from different angles. You won’t be the only bride your hairdresser will have on his or her roster. Make it easier for the both of you and have pictures he or she can reference on the big day.