Image: Suntipong Chormali

Half a year ago, wedding planning might have seem like a fun life project to tackle. You have a pretty new ring on your finger, plus, you’re now someone’s fiancé. 

Over time however, wedding planning is all you do during your weekends, and all you think about during your weekdays. 

The initial high wears off, and guess what? It’s perfectly normal!

There are many things you can do to dial down your stress from wedding planning. The first step to take is to recognize when it is time to take a break from it. 

Here are 4 signs that indicates its high time you de-stress from the process: 


1. Basically, it’s not fun anymore.

Mulling over decisions on things that once had you excited is no longer fun. You’re also dreading to spend another weekend working out your budget figures, and chasing your wedding RSVPS.

If the negative feelings outweigh the positive ones, it will not only kill the anticipation of your big day, but affect how you feel about getting married too. 

There are bound to be downsides to any projects, and a wedding is no exception. What you can do is to understand what exactly it is about a task that tires you out.

Bad with numbers? Get someone who’s better at them to work out your excel sheet. Formatting it well is half the task won. 



2. You’re procrastinating.

If you find yourself procrastinating on your wedding tasks due to exhaustion or indecision, it is likely a slippery slope to hating on the whole planning journey. After all, the more you put something off, the more difficult it is to start.

Try approaching it task by task instead of spreading yourself too thin, because dealing with too many items at a go will overwhelm you. 

Need to pick a photographer? Allot a timeline of three weeks to a month for the task and within this timeframe, only focus on selecting and finalizing your PWS and AD photography.

Don’t move on to another task until you settle this. The idea is to work your way through your wedding day needs in a clear-cut manner as oppose to being all over the place. 



3. You no longer know what you want.

Not knowing what you want can be more frustrating than wanting too many things. In other words, decision fatigue.

When you start to second guess every decision you make, and panic over the fear that you’d hate what you chose during your actual day, it’s definitely time to take things easy and clear your head.

In terms of wedding inspo, too much of it can be a bad thing. So, two main things – create a Pinterest board with your chosen theme, colour palette, and feel, and then try not to deviate too much from it! 

When you are stuck between multiple options, always refer to your budget and main moodboard and pick the one that aligns most closely to them. 

Always remember, the little things won’t matter in the larger scheme of things.



4. The rest of your life takes a back seat to wedding planning.

It is fairly easy to get carried away with being a bride-to-be. While planning your wedding is important, the rest of your life shouldn’t be perpetually in the back seat.  

Maintaining your relationships while juggling work and your wedding is tough, but not impossible.

To prevent from becoming that obsessive bride and groom-to-be, you’ll need to be stricter about keeping to your time and schedules, to make sure the important people in your life don’t suffer from your lack of care and attention.