If you’re wearing a mermaid gown or sheer styles for your wedding, having amazing abs is key! 

The secret to this – and a bunch of other excellent benefits like better posture and better digestion – is a strong core.

So, when we were at The Yoga Co for our CLEO Society event the other week, we demanded yoga instructor Sandra Riley Tang share her top moves for strengthening your core. 

The best part is they’re all actually pretty easy, so no excuses – a toned tummy is just three poses away! 

1. Boat pose

Have your shins parallel to the floor, engage the core, pull your chest out, pull the shoulders back, arms by the side also parallel to the floor. 

2. Plank pose

Palms underneath your shoulders, pull the shoulders away from the ears, suck in the belly, engage the glutes, make sure your heels are aligned over the toes. 

3. Reverse plank pose

Point the toes, send the hips and chest up to the sky, move your shoulders away from ears (don’t sink into the shoulders), press the fingertips into the floor (don’t sink into your wrists).

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This story was first featured in CLEO