From going big on foliage, getting creative with alternative options and doubling up on your flower usage, here are 12 ingenious ways you can spruce up your venue without having to splash out neccessarily: 


1. DIY Flowers
You can DIY your on floral décor and centrepieces (take a flower arranging and styling class!) but for truly formal celebrations, it’s best to use a professional florist.

But even then you can cut costs by having the professional handle the main statement décor pieces and you can DIY the rest yourself.

Many florists like Hello Flowers!'s provide regular flower arrangment workshops, check them out here.


2. Reception Decor
The best way to save money on wedding reception decorations is to have a little fun with it.

Get creative by using cheaper materials like paper or fabric instead of flowers, and put your DIY skills to good use. Also, pick a good, solid theme. Once you do that, everything else will fall into place.

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3. Go minimal with the flowers
Not all pretty décor require flowers - which can be quite pricey depending on the season you’re holding your wedding.

You can use green leaves and foliage to create stunning wedding décor with an elegant rustic charm. Be creative and use affordable and unconventional materials like ribbons and paper. YouTube has tons of videos showing how you can cut, twirl and stitch together materials to create pretty décor.

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4. Go Local
Be smart about what types of flowers you choose – local booms instead of imported varieties -  they tend to be a lot cheaper and will last longer in our weather as well. 


5. Recycle and Repurpose

Think about how you can repurpose your flowers them throughout the wedding. Tiny blooms in miniature pots can be used as part of the décor and can also be given away as favors.

Stalks of beribboned roses clustered on a table arrangement can be given out as gifts to your guests as well.

And the new movement these days is to restyle and give away floral decorations to patients in hospitals and old folk’s homes – it brings a little cheer and colour to their lives!

A hospice patient with his choice of a bouquet that includes a red rose (above) that he gave to his wife. PHOTO: Refresh Flowers

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6. Choose double duty flowers

If you have a clear décor and floral theme, you can reuse your blooms and arrangements for both the ceremony and the reception. Just make sure the florist or a friend gets them safely from one venue to the other.


7. Venues that don’t need décor
Sometimes a beautiful venue won’t require any décor at all!

If you have your heart set on a lovely venue that is already gorgeous withut any décor, you can choose to have minimal floral accent to complement the venue or go décor free.


8. Repurpose bouquets

Photo: Flowers and Jars/Instagram
If you’re planning to have bouquets for your bridesmaids, you can consider repurposing them after the ceremony.

Get your florist to re-style them as a centrepiece for your reception or dinner. You can also place the different bouquets in glass jars and arrange them together on a table for maximum effect!


9. Spare and simple

Sometimes less is more – especially if you have a dramatic bloom for your centrepiece.

Have one or a few stalks of larger blooms in glass jars for your table centrepieces, and surround the whole arrangement with affordable candles. This will create a simple but dramatic décor without costing too much.


10. Cheaper blooms
Flowers like carnations, baby’s breath and some orchids are a lot cheaper than roses and lilies. Use more of the cheaper blooms to create a fuller effect and the result could be a beautiful centrepiece for your table.

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11. Flower free
If your venue is providing beautiful place settings with lovely details like menu cards and napkin holders, you probably wouldn’t need any floral centrepiece at all.


12. Pick candles over flowers

Photos (L to R): Dazzle by Andrea/Instagram and Mark Davidson/Instagram

Skip floral centrepieces in favor of tall rented candelabras or cheaper candles arranged creatively together. They'll add a golden glow to your venue beautifully.