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Save major cash on your wedding venue with these 6 hacks

Planning your wedding on a budget? Slash your wedding venue costs with these money-saving tips.

Off-peak days and times

Most couples prefer to tie the knot on an auspicious or "convenient" date but having your wedding on days that are not "hot" will save you tons! Working weekdays from Monday to Thursday are generally less popular for wedding lunches and dinners as these days would not be as convenient for most guests. Lunch and tea celebrations are always less popular than dinners in general so you may want to consider having a daytime affair instead of a dinner. 

If you're not into auspicious wedding dates, pick a date that most couples avoid - you will definitely get a better deal.

Not only are wedding lunches generally more affordable, you'll also get that airy, romantic vibe if your venue is outdoors or has large windows that let in natural light. Image: maximkabb/

Morning celebrations

Start your day with a romantic ceremony followed by a breakfast or brunch! You will save a lot on your venue and food, and also get the rest of the day to chill out with your loved ones.


2 instead of 1

Another way to cut costs is to have two separate celebrations instead of one grand one. It may mean more time and effort to plan two affairs, but you will probably save a lot. 

You can choose to have a small and more intimate lunch celebration with your close friends, and the traditional dinner for your family and relatives. Or vice versa. These separate celebrations can be held on two different days instead of the same day so you won't be too stressed or tired from non-stop festivities and entertaining.


Sand Bar at Siloso Beach. Wedding buffet packages start from $50 nett per person (minimum of 30 guests) from Monday to Friday. 

Unique wedding venues

There are so many alternative venues jumping onto the wedding bandwagon these days - couples now have a wide array of options for a unique and alternative celebration. From beach bars at Sentosa to sky-high cafes and restaurants with spectacular views, these non-traditional wedding venues also have wedding packages that can be customised to your requirements. There may be limits to the number of guests you can invite.


Hold the ceremony at home, or outdoors

If you're living in a landed property or have a friend who lives in a house with a large garden, you can hold your wedding festivities there. There are also couples who have their weddings at sheltered function areas within HDB estates - these areas can be dressed up prettily for a casual celebration. Or tie the knot with a lunch or dinner reception at the void deck (you won't believe these weddings were held at the void deck!), like how Malay couples do. The rental for these areas is a lot more affordable than a restaurant or cafe. 


Stand up

If your venue requires you to rent your own chairs for the ceremony or reception, you may want to have a standing ceremony instead. Rent some small tables for guests to gather around during your short reception and ceremony. But do have some chairs for the elderly.