Pictured (left to right): Tiffany Novo® Cushion Cut in platinum, Tiffany Soleste® Round in platinum, Tiffany Novo® Princess Cut in platinum


Not just a precious keepsake of your lifelong promise to your partner, an engagement diamond ring is also a statement about your personal style and preference.

Technicalities aside, each diamond cut is representative of a bridal style – do you find the vintage charms of the princess cut particularly beguiling? Or are you more in favor of the classic round brilliant cut?

We break down the 6 diamond engagement ring cuts every bride-to-be should know, and suss out their different style points: 


1. Round 

Pictured: Tiffany Harmony™ engagement ring and matching bead-set diamond band, both in platinum.

By far the most popular shape among brides, the round brilliant boasts the capacity for the maximum reflection of light and sparkle.

Best suited for:

Brides who are drawn to a classic and timeless style, one that will remain a mainstay in diamond ring designs.


2. Emerald

Pictured: Tiffany Soleste® emerald-cut engagement ring with matching band in platinum.

With its expansive, glassy table and step cut facets, an emerald cut is able to showcase diamonds with a high grade in clarity.

The elongated shape exudes refinement and contemporary elegance, and provides a flattering silhouette on the finger.

Best suited for:

Brides who are into classic aesthetics but would prefer designs with an edge.


3. Cushion cut

Pictured: Tiffany Soleste® engagement ring and matching band in platinum

Prismatic and versatile, the cushion cut have always found favor with its audience since it was introduced 200 years ago.

With its soft, curved corners and high number of facets, it is unabashedly feminine and bold all at once.

Best suited for:

Brides who want both the feminine appeal of the princess cut and the extra sparkle of the round brilliant cut in one diamond.


4. Oval cut

Providing an even, symmetrical and elongated silhouette, this cut will bring an illusion of length to your finger.

It has a timeless and elegant aesthetic that’s compellingly unconventional as well.

Best suited for:

The traditional romantic bride who is looking for a touch of unconventionality.

Pictured (top to bottom): Tiffany engagement rings in platinum with diamonds, from top: Tiffany Soleste® Emerald-Cut, The Tiffany® Setting, Tiffany Soleste® Oval, Emerald Cut, and Tiffany Soleste® Pear.

5. Pear/“tear drop” cut

Bearing features from the oval and Marquise cut, the pear cut is one of the most unique and sophisticated shapes around with its round and slender pointed ends.

It also offers the widest variation of stone widths.

Best suited for:

Brides who want something off-the-cuff and wants something deliberately different. A rebel with vintage sophistication.


6. Princess cut

Pictured: Tiffany Novo® Princess Cut engagement ring in platinum.

Feminine and fancy looking, this popular cut offers plenty of sparkle with its mix of step and brilliant-cut facets.

It’s also more affordable than the round brilliant cut, while being able to catch just as much light.

Best suited for:

Brides who are looking for something with a traditional and romantic flair.


All images courtesy of Tiffany & Co.

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