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Say I do with this romantic wedding band collection that is made to last

Wear your promise to everlasting love with these romantic and comfortable wedding bands that are made for daily wear.

No ring will be as important and significant as your wedding band, but the search for the perfect pair of wedding bands may not be as easy as it seems. 

Besides looking out for designs that you fancy, other factors that come into consideration when choosing your wedding bands include ring quality, durability and most importantly, comfort.

The LVC Promise collection from Love & Co. ticks off all the right boxes, with wedding bands that are as beautiful as they are comfortable, due to the purity and quality of their 18k solid gold bands, alongside with how each and every band is constructed to guarantee maximum comfort fit. 

An iconic collection that exudes elegance and luxury, here are three more reasons why the LVC Promise bands make great wedding bands:

1) Design with meaning  

For a milestone as precious as this, the rings were designed from scratch with one core focus in mind: a lifelong steadfast union.

With inspiration drawn from the ultimate strength and unity of a bolt and nut when joined together, this strength translates to the resolute bond of two individuals coming together as one with love; an act of commitment that pledges for both to stay dedicated in their love journey, through it all.

Additionally, the five grooves on every LVC Promise band represents an important element that upholds an everlasting relationship – love, devotion, commitment, bond and happiness.

Between two lovers, may the LVC Promise collection also serve as a reminder that a promise made is a promise to keep, despite trying times.

2) Design with comfort

For a ring that is going to be worn on a prolonged daily basis, comfort and fit should weigh in no less when compared to the design itself.

Love & Co. wedding bands are specifically and meticulously crafted for prolonged wear without leaving stress marks on your fingers.

Alongside with a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machine, their state-of-the-art technology allows exacting consistency when it comes to ring fittings, which guarantees quality and long lasting comfort – which should never be compromised when crafting wedding bands.

3) Design with personalization

Every love story is unique in its own ways and close to one’s heart. At Love & Co., you can pick from a range of customisation services to make your wedding bands truly yours.

Be it engraving your names or a date that is meaningful, leaving your marks of thumbprints, signing your names on the bands or even having an image digitally carved!


If you already have a date, time and location in mind, you are advised to schedule an appointment for your ring fittings! Psst, we heard you also get an exclusive discount if you make an appointment prior to your visit. 

Alternatively, feel free to drop by any of Love & Co.’s showrooms to find out more. For a list of their showrooms, please click here.

View designs of their LVC Promise collection here.

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