Photo: Alvin Mahmudov on Unsplash

Every so often, a romantic surprise may be welcomed to shake things up. It may seem like a hard task to surprise your partner, especially if you have been in a relationship for a long time and live together. But fret not, here are 11 ways you can pull off your best surprise yet – and they don’t always have to be over-the-top or extravagant.




#1 Sign them up for a class they’ve been wanting to take 

Pottery? Guitar? Salsa dancing? Is there something your significant other has been thinking of picking up but lacked the guts to, or chalked it up to being too busy? Sign them up and take the class together with them to ease their nerves! It’s always easier doing things with your loved one.


#2 Plan a weekend staycaytion

Surprise your significant other with a romantic staycaytion. Soft fluffy sheets, room service and best of all, alone time for the both of you. (And just in case you’re considering getting sexy new nightwear to heat things up…)

Fancy a change of scenery instead? Take a weekend trip to Bintan for a luxurious glamping experience or Tioman Island to explore the beautiful reefs. 


#3 Buy them tickets to something they love

Photo: Yvette de Wit on Unsplash

Is a band or soccer team your partner loves coming to town? Can they not get enough of musicals? Surprise them with tickets to an upcoming event they love to put an instant smile on their face!


#4 Surprise them with a boudoir shoot

Spice things up in your relationship with a boudoir shoot! It’s a great way to build your partner’s confidence and a fun way to keep memories of your intimacy.



#5 Cook up a candlelit dinner

Photo: Aaron Thomas on Unsplash

They say the way to a man’s (and woman’s) heart is through his stomach. Turn things up a notch by going old school and surprise them with a romantic candlelit dinner. 


#6 Write handwritten love notes

In this digital day and age, handwritten love notes are a rare treasure. Hide a couple of sweet post-its for your significant other to find as they go through their day. Or take a page from The Notebook and surprise them with a handwritten love letter declaring your undying love for them. 


#7 Treat them to a massage 

Show your love by rubbing the knots out of your partner’s tense shoulders. If you are in need of one too, surprise them by booking a session at one of these couples spa for the both of you!


#8 Help them check off something adventurous on their bucket list


We all have a list of things we wish to experience at least once in our life but are often too afraid to. Help your significant other check off something on their bucket list and make it into an adventure for the two of you! Sometimes a little nudge is all they need.


#9 Recreate your first date

Whether it was at a restaurant or in the cinema, the heart-thumping first date often brings back fond memories of the honeymoon stages of a relationship. Reignite your love for each other by recreating your first date and transporting both of you back to when you fell in love. 


#10 Secretly clean the house for them

Simple gestures such as taking over your partner’s share of chores when they are having a hard week at work are often the sweetest thing you can do for them. Freeing them off the responsibility of household chores makes them feel appreciated and coming home to a clean and cosy space also boosts their mood.

You can also spruce up the house with these simple interior styling tips to make your home feel more cosy.


#11 Breakfast in bed

A cliche but one that works every time. And honestly, what’s better than waking up on a lazy Sunday morning than to a delicious meal (specially prepared by you, no less) in bed. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated if you aren’t the best cook: Salmon and cream cheese on toast, an omelette with sausages, yoghurt with fresh fruits or pancakes.