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Even though diamonds have long been referenced in popular culture, and are seen as status symbols for most, we know next-to-nothing about it when it comes to the details, especially if we’re looking at purchasing one for ourselves or loved ones.

And, when it comes to buying such significant, big-ticket items like your engagement and wedding rings, you’ll need to do your research before making the purchase. 

One such jeweller is ready and willing to help you out.

Photo: JannPaul

Singapore jeweller JannPaul offers free consultations when you make your first appointment to look for your proposal ring. The sessions, which are non-obligatory, offer handy tips on picking out the best gem and design that suits you the most.

Here, a breakdown of the sessions, plus services JannPaul offers:

Diamond education sessions

These last for one and a half hours each, where the experts will take you through the technical terms, as well as things to look for when you’re choosing a ring. Beyond the four Cs, where diamonds are commonly graded on cut, carat, colour, and clarity, you will also learn how to differentiate between the different cuts (which determines the sparkle and brilliance of your diamond depending on the angle it is cut, and the number of facets) and clarity.

Other takeaways from these sessions: how to tell if the diamond you’re looking to buy is one that’s of quality, and important tips you want to avoid.

For more information, watch the clip below

Setting education sessions

Here, the one-and-a-half hour session takes you through the various ring settings – from the traditional four- or six-prong solitaire, to the halo, bezel, and so on.

They provide several setting education videos on their Youtube channel, such as the one below

Complimentary ring customization services

Once you’ve selected your diamond and your preferred setting, you can include additional customised services such as replating, ring resizing and engraving for free. JannPaul also provides 3D ring renders, where you can make changes to your design before receiving the final one.

Different types of diamonds

You will be able to find a wide range of diamonds at JannPaul including the round brilliant, cushion cut, modified round and more. Notable ones include the Cushion Brellia, which is the World’s first Cushion Hearts & Arrows diamond. Then there is the Octagon Hearts & Arrows diamond, which is exclusive to JannPaul, and has 88 facets, eight sides, eight hearts and arrows.

For more appointment bookings and more information, go to JannPaul’s website, blog, Facebook and Youtube.

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