1. Sell them off

Don’t let your months of scouring Taobao go to waste!

Realistically speaking, we probably wouldn’t need 20 glass jars or all those strands of fake garden vines in our daily lives but another bride-to-be certainly would.

Social platforms like Facebook groups, Carousell, Dayre and wedding forums are all good places to start off with. Start an account specifically to sell your wedding wares or create a selling post with the relevant hashtags.

This will also help recoup some of your wedding expenditure.

2. Donate your wedding flowers

A good way to get full mileage of your fresh flowers is to have them donated.

There are organisations who will collect the flowers after your wedding is over, and arrange them into new bouquets before delivering them to hospitals and retirement homes.

Refresh Flowers is one of them – check out their Facebook for more details on how you can be part of this movement. They are also always on the lookout for volunteers!

Image: Setting up our Refresh Flowers booth this morning for HCA Hospice Care ‘Family Foto Fair’ , from Refresh Flowers Facebook page

3. Repurpose as home decor

This applies especially for items that are of significance to you.

Whether its your wooden signage hanging on the back of your solemnisation chairs to the jar of hearts filled with messages from your guests, seeing them around your new home is a nice reminder of the day.

4. Leave them your wedding venue or vendors

There’s no harm in asking your wedding vendors if they’d like to keep your décor items and props, espcially for large items like a wedding arch or backdrop.

They could always reuse the items for another wedding to come. 

5. Use them for other parties

Versatile items like lighting, balloons and confetti can be used again for a non-wedding related party like a New Year’s Eve bash or even birthdays.

Storing them might be a chore but keeping them well will pay off in the long-run!