While cynics may scorn at the rest of us celebrating the start of a new year, we see no harm in taking this period as an opportunity to renew and reflect on our life and relationships.

Sustaining a relationship is no mean feat and weathering through the ups and downs of yet another year together takes hard work, resolve and love, of course.

Here are some couple resolutions you can make for a still-beautiful and hopeful 2018:

1. Commit (minimally) to have 1 date night a week

All work and no play makes any relationship a dull one.

Don’t forget to take time off from work and other responsibilities to enjoy the company of each other by going out on at least one date a week. Spending quality time together is romantic in and of itself.

Your dates could even be right at home – see our suggestions here: 8 FUN DATE IDEAS FOR HOMEBODY COUPLES


2. Go for quick getaways or staycations

Date nights are good and all, but there’s something about taking time off over an entire weekend or a whole week just to have time to yourselves.

Whether it’s a weekend road trip over the causeway, or a spur of moment staycation in one of our boutique hotels, these special experiences will bring a much-needed dose of intimacy and romance.

See our list of hotels for staycations that won’t break the bank: $200 AND UNDER! 15 STAYCATION SPOTS IN SINGAPORE


3. Resolve to keep the spark alive

Being comfortable around each other is definite relationship goals, but getting too comfortable is relationship territory you may want to avoid staying too long in.

Physical affection, a sense of courtship and intimate gestures are things that you should shower your partner with – even long after you’ve been together.

Little things like cuddling before bedtime, sneaking in random kisses and hugs and holding hands while walking make a big difference.


4. Give thanks and show appreciation

Words of affirmation deserve more credit for what they bring to relationships.

Some of us may not even realise it, but hearing from your partner about how you’re looking good that day or even getting a thanks in response for getting them their water – all these small moments of acknowledgment and praise goes a long way in maintaining a healthy and happy relationship. 



5. How about a house? Or a car? Or a new life skill?

Here’s a fun one for the list: create a long-term goal that you’ll achieve together for the year.

When you have a shared goal and aim to achieve, you’ll be even more connected.

It can be anything really – from applying for a BTO, to attending a Skillsfuture course or going to the gym regularly; as long as it’s something you both agree to commit to and work on together.