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"I'm having a pre-wedding shoot in Singapore. What should I bring?"

A pre-wedding shoot in Singapore? Apparently you should bring red chilies and garlic along too.

Everyone's experience varies, but here are some things you should bring along if you're having your pre-wedding shoot right here in Singapore.

While some of them might be surprising, you definitely won't regret having them on hand. 

Photo by Khuong Nguyen on Unsplash

1) Bring along a reliable friend

This is especially if you know your gowns are on the heavy side. It will be hard enough making your way through who-knows-what terrains, much less having to do it with 5 layers of tulle on you.

And make sure it’s someone who doesn’t have the tendency to flake out on things! 

“I had more things to bring along than expected. Luckily my girlfriend was there to help carry my bouquet, balloons and other misc. items. Without her I couldn’t have managed.” – Claire Ng, 27.

Photo by Benjaminrobyn Jespersen on Unsplash

2) Bring a lightweight gown

If you’re neutral about your gown selections, we’d recommend going gowns that are lightweight and breezy - think figure-skimming mermaids and chic A-line gowns.

If you have to have a dramatic gown, save it for the indoor, air-conditioned venue – not the forested, mozzie-filled outdoor location with the possibility of a heatwave or thunderstorm.

“Picking a light gown meant that I could just grab it with one hand and move around with ease – something I felt especially thankful for towards the end of the day.” – Liz Toh, 28.


3) Bring your ring!

You won’t believe the number of brides this has happened to – forgetting to wear their engagement ring during the shoot.

Either leave it in your bag of items you’ll be bringing to the shoot the night before, or pass it to your partner - who’ll probably be less busy on the day of the shoot for safekeeping.

Photo by Bekir Temel on Unsplash

4) Bring a pair of shoes that won’t cripple you

The glam is in the heels but trust us, when you’re making your way down a rock cliff or jumping over muddy puddles, you’d wish you had a pair of slippers or sneakers instead of the 5” heel you have on.

5) Bring nourishment

Don’t make the mistake of skipping your meals just because there’s a busy day of shoot ahead.

The last thing you want happening is to have gastric pains mid-way and be unable to continue on, wasting precious time, weather and resources.

“I was so focused on getting ready and be able to fit into my gowns, I rejected all the food my partner was offering me. This turned out to be a mistake because by lunch time I was feeling dizzy and faint. In the end I had to take a break to eat something before proceeding with the shoot.” – Melissa Chua, 24

If you don’t have the time to chow down on something before the shoot, be sure to bring along easy-to-pack foods like sandwiches or nuts that you can eat on the go.

For a quick boost of sugar, downing a can of coke or some chocolate would work fine.

6) Bring the breeze

...with portable fans, paper fans or anything else that can rid of the heat and humidity – especially for your poor groom burning up in his suits.

Sweat can dampen your mood and look – which is something you won’t want showing up in your images.

We would suggest bringing more than one device, in case one breaks down.


7) Bring red chillies, garlic and onions

Superstition or not, red chilies, garlic and onions are supposedly effective for warding off the rain.

While we can’t vouch for how true this is, if you’re shooting during the rainy season or worried about the weather, there’s no harm bringing these along to increase your chances for good weather.

“I heard it from my friends and decided to give it a try. And while it did rain, the rain came at the right time and didn’t affect my shoot!” – Goh Hui Li, 27

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