Flowers in Singapore notoriously expensive. And aside from your decor and bridal bouquet, there are your bridesmaids’ bouquets. 

Of course, it’s preferable to get ready-made posies so you’ll have one less thing to worry about the day before your wedding. But with rates going from $50 to $80, giving your bridesmaids each a clutch of blooms can make a noticeable dent in your wedding budget. (You can, of course, forgo the posy. Or check out these other options your bridesmaids can hold).

There there’s the issue of whether your DIY bridesmaids’ posies match your florist-created bouquet – you’ll have to consider the style, size and how they’ll look held against your own bouquet (for you know, your bridal party photo).

But if you’d rather trade labour for money saved (or if you have a bridesmaid who has time on her hand and is willing to take on this project), here are eight posy ideas you can recreate.


#1 Dried flower bouquets

Because, hey, you can make them ahead of time. The last I saw at a flower wholesaler, lavender bundles were almost half what you’d pay at a regular florist. Of course you’ll also have to consider if the posies work together with your bouquet – ideal if you’re having a rustic or dried flower bouquet, too.


#2 Stock or matthiola bouquets

Soft and pretty, stocks or matthiolas go well with a variety of romantic bridal bouquet styles. Matthiolas look lovely on their own so it’s hard to go wrong with this, especially if you’re a complete novice,


#3 Eustoma bouquets

Even if you don’t have time to head to a flower wholesaler, eustomas can be readily found at your local wet market flower stall. I’ve also seen them in supermarkets going at about $6-$8 for a small bunch that’s enough to make one posy. 


#4 Hyacinth bouquets

The top-heavy stalks with long stems are great as mono-flower bundles and you don’t need more than a few tied together to make a charming posy. 


#5 Baby’s breath bouquets

Then of course, there’s the almost fool-proof baby’s breath. These come in big bundles which you can separate into small clutches, and either use them an mono-flower posies or mix them up with other blooms or foliage. Plus, they’re likely to last throughout your wedding day. The downside is that the fine stalks are often easily entwined, and will take up time (and quite a bit of patience) to sort out. 


#6 Hydrangea bouquets


Okay, so hydrangeas aren’t on the list of affordable bridal blooms but the thing you’ll only need one fluffy stalk (spruce it up with additional leaves or fillers) to create a sizeable bridesmaid bouquet. And they come in the prettiest hues. Just note that they require plenty of water and bruise easily. 


#7 Carnation bouquets


These underrated blooms may be the Mother’s Day flower but they’re also meaningful for weddings and inexpensive. Plus, the lush shapes of carnations resemble the pricier peonies or David Austin roses so it’ll definitely complement your bouquet if you’re using the latter in your own clutch. Intersperse with caspia, statice, baby’s breath or other fillers for added texture.

#8 Single-bloom bouquets


Not just one type of flower but just one single bloom to make a stylish statement. Think bigger flowers like peonies, dahlias and garden roses which you can also mix with berries and greens.