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6 wedding planning worries that aren't worth stressing over

You've spent days, if not weeks, fussing over the details. But when it comes to the wedding day, it's really all about you and your special one having the time of your lives. Here are the wedding details you shouldn't agonise over (and the ones to put more thought into).

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#1 DON'T STRESS OVER: Things won't go the way you planned

Here's the thing about weddings or any event. Things will never go exactly the way you envisioned it. Your bouquet might not be the exact shade of pink you wanted it to be or the cake might even be lacking a topper. As long as it doesn't turn out to be a complete disaster, or if it doesn't inconvenience your guests (like if the kitchen didn't prep for guests who are vegetarians), don't sweat the small stuff - enjoy your special day!


STRESS OVER: Choosing the right vendors

Getting a great vendor is half the battle won - their services are essential to your wedding going smoothly. Signing the first package you come across because it's cheap will save you money, but the end result might not be exactly as you wanted it to be. 


#2 DON'T STRESS OVER: If your decor or dress will impress the guests 

Thanks to social media, weddings have somewhat turned into a sort of competition, and they shouldn't be. It should be about celebrating your union with the person you love.

And if you truly love the gown you've picked out, then everyone else's opinions are secondary. 

STRESS OVER: The music

Okay, so don't stress over it but definitely put more thought into your playlist. Not only does music set the tone and mood for your wedding day, it also reflects your taste as a couple. A great band can enliven the atmosphere and keep everyone in a festive mood. If the band's terrible, you can bet that'll be one thing your guests will remember for a long time after the big day. If you're having an after-party, do your due research when scouting for a great DJ. There's no mood killer like a DJ with a sad playlist. And to help you get started, here are 10 songs to add to your wedding playlist in 2019.




#3 DON'T STRESS OVER: The exact course of events

If you've already settled on the itinerary for the day, stop obsessing about it! If you've been a wedding guest yourself, as I have, you'll know the only thing that'll be on your guests' minds other than you and your spouse is really the food and the drinks. Tech problem with the video? Get the games going instead! Your guests won't know a thing anyway. 


If you're saying your "I dos" outside, there's no dampener like wet weather. Be sure you have a back-up plan waiting in the wings, or consider a marquee celebration instead. If an unobstructed view is what you're after, a clear tent offers just that. 



#4 DON'T STRESS OVER: Looking picture-perfect for every photo

Some of the best photos I've seen are candid ones, with the couple and guests looking they're having the time of their lives. Plus, your photographer will be taking thousands of photos and will only be sending you the best ones. And if you've picked a great photographer, you can trust him/her to deliver. 

STRESS OVER: The photographer

As we've mentioned, the photographer is the key to beautiful and tangible keepsakes of your special day. Getting recommendations, reading up on reviews and clear communication between you and the photographer can save you a lot of heartache and disappointment later on. (You don't want to end up like this bride).

For tips on working with your photographer, check out this article.


#5 DON'T STRESS OVER: Whether all your guests are having fun

While we're all for the idea of fun activities and booths to keep your loved ones entertained, the truth is you can't please everyone. Rather than getting stressed out over something you can't control, the most important thing is that you and your partner have the time of your lives. 

STRESS OVER: Getting your guests cared for and well-fed

A great menu aside (here's a celebrity chef's tips on getting it right), food should also be served on time. And comfort is key. If your wedding's outdoors, be sure to have plenty cool drinks, brollies, fans and even sunglasses on hand. 


#6 DON'T STRESS OVER: Someone's running late

I get it. This can really put a dampener on your big day, which is supposed to be perfect. But there's really nothing you can do if sh*t happens. If your vendor's stuck in traffic with the wedding cake or if the officiant is late, do yourself a favour and don't freak out. Keeping calm and trying to find a way to solve the issue or find another way around it will make you feel way better about it than completely losing it.

The bottom line is, trust your vendors and your wedding party, and go forth and have fun!