“Start your beauty regime six months to a year before your actual day.”
– Meilan & Zijie, Her World Brides March 2015 Issue

“Sleep well the day before, so you won’t feel as tired on your big day.”

“Don’t try new skincare or makeup too close to your wedding date. I did and got an allergic reaction to some ingredients. Thankfully, my skin cleared up in time.”
Vararin & Ninnart, Her World Brides December 2014 Issue

“Have enough rest the day before the wedding, so you won’t look tired in  photos and videos.”
– Joyce & Kiat Han, Her World Brides December 2014 Issue

“Beauty prep is important too, I had more facials than usual but they all paid off.

Forget about stress; focus on looking your best.”
– Donna & Benjamin, Her World Brides September 2014