To have an “authentic” picnic experience, it’s important you get your venue right. Think outdoors amidst lush surroundings, like Peirce or Seletar Reservoirs, Fort Canning Park, the Marina Barrage and so on. Of course, do check with the venue if you’re able to reserve the spot for a large group of people, so you don’t end up with wedding crashers from passers-by!

When planning your settings, comfort is key, especially if you’re having older relatives at your wedding. Some may not be able to sit cross-legged on a map for long periods of time, so we recommend mobile chairs and tables for them. Otherwise, prepare pillows, blankets (if you’re having an evening reception), and bean bags for the full picnic experience.

There are so many decor ideas for picnics, but the ones we love: buntings for that rustic feel, polaroid photographs of you and/or your guests, flowers (these really help dress up a place). You can even have strips of tulle or fabric hanging from a tree branch at the “top mat”, or “top table”, so guests can tell where you’re at. Picnic baskets per table will also help in getting into the mood. Save on having separate table numbers by painting a number on each basket, for guests to identify their mats or places.

Like any reception, it’s important your guests don’t get bored. Except in this instance, you’ve got more room to play with. For instance, arrange giant Jenga or Uno Stacko sets, mini golf or cricket, karaoke outdoors (don’t forget your speakers, screens and microphones!) or any other games you feel your guests may be interested in.

If you’re preparing your own food (let’s face it, picnic food isn’t difficult to prepare), don’t forget to bring a cooler for your food and drinks. 

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