Thanks to the generous donation made by Singaporean couple Mr Gerry Essery and Mrs Jo Essery, SPCA has been able to complete the Essery Education Pavilion – a spacious, airy multi-purpose addition to their sprawling Kranji grounds.

While it is normally utilised as a space for educational talks and animal training sessions, couples can now rent out the space for their weddings.

With a minimum donation of $500, and depending on the length and time of the event, you can now add this venue to your list of alternative wedding venues, be it for an outdoor solemnisation or wedding lunch reception.

The pavilion can hold between 60 to 80 guests, depending on whether it is a sit-down or standing-only affair.

“It is always heart-warming to see couples wanting to share their big day with their pets”, said SPCA’s executive director Jaipal Singh Gill.

“Pets can be brought to the wedding if the animals are comfortable with the environment, which will likely include crowds and loud sounds. This is something we will discuss with the couple, to see if it is possible to include their pets in the celebration, always keeping in mind the welfare of the animals”, he added.

While set-up and tear-down costs and efforts, as well as decorations and catering will be on the couple, SPCA provides the space, free parking for guests and even an air-conditioned room for the bridal party.

I had the pleasure of being part of SPCA’s first ever wedding celebration last Thursday.

Stepping into the compound, I was greeted by the festive sight of the venue decked out in the vibrant hues of yellow and white for the solemnisation of Jeffrey and Janz Ng.

Guests were seated along two rows of long tables with gold and white tiffany chairs. A carpet of grass rolled down the middle of the pavilion, and the couple exchanged their vows against the scenic view of a golf course, all of which was done alongside with their dogs in attendance.

It feels especially meaningful to have the furry additions of the family to be part of the celebration. And why not? 

Not only can your big day be a heartfelt memory for all involved, you’ll be making a meaningful contribution as well! 

For all bookings and enquiries, please contact SPCA at


Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)

50 Sungei Tengah Road, Singapore 699012