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#1 Make it personal
We heard of one couple who had a BCM (Bak Chor Mee) station since they had bonded over the local dish, and another who had a Muay Thai-themed celebration (from their cake to their wedding photos!) because they were both fans of the martial art. Think of something that the both of you have in common – it could be anything from food to the place you met. See these inspiring themed wedding ideas from our real couples!


#2 Hold a dance-off 
Turn your stage into a dancefloor. Whether you’ve got friends who can dance up a storm or ones who are simply looking for a good time, a dance battle is a sneaky way to get everyone on the dance floor too, since they’ll most likely already be off their seats to watch the dance. Alternatively, hire pros to teach guests simple dance steps. 

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#3 Parody your fave dramas or create you own music video

You might have seen this viral Yanxi Palace-inspired wedding gatecrash, which saw the couple and their party in period costumes. 

Some time ago, we also posted a story of how a Korean couple had a hilarious parody of hit Korean drama Goblin at their wedding. There was also a viral video of a US couple who created their very own music video. They got their 250 guests to take part in their music video, featuring a mash-up of contemporary hits. Check it out below: 


#4 Hold a Karaoke competition
And since it’s a wedding, that means love songs only! You can include song request slips in your invitation, or announce it on your Facebook event page. 



#5 Snap happy

Get guests to take fun photos or Boomerangs of themselves, post it on Instagram and tag it with your wedding hashtag. Some companies offer instant Instagram prints while others, like, stream the photos to a live feed on your venue’s screens. 

#6 Shared memories

Have close friends on stage to talk about the most memorable moments they’ve had with you. It could be something funny or heartwarming. Just be sure they don’t spill embarrassing secrets you don’t want everyone to know about. (Here are 4 cringe-worthy wedding speech mistakes not to make.) 

One of our couples even had an interview segment where the wedding emcees went around asking guests for their wedding advice. You can bet there were a lot of hilarious moments.


#7 Bring out more booze

We recommend this only if you’re having an adults-only bash and also to have it after your older/more conservative relatives have left. We know of one couple who eschewed the champagne tower for domino shots. Another drinking game for your celebration that’s both interactive and fun – beer pong.


#8 Hold a pinata bash 

Pinatas aren’t just for kids. They’re a really fun option for weddings too. And instead of kiddy ones like donkeys, think Ampersands, heart shapes even ring-inspired ones. Things you can fill your pinata with: Chocolates, favours for your guests or lottery tickets.


#9 Quiz It 

Hold a quiz with fun questions (who’s always running late?) about you and your other half. Divide your banquet into half, and get guests to get up the stage. The losing team (either you and your bridesmaids or your groom and his buddies) will have to do a forfeit.


#10 Include interactive touches

Whether food or favours, live stations are always a hit with guests. Favour stations can include flower bars, craft bars and tea stations (See more ideas, here). Food-wise, go beyond the dessert table. Think creative alternatives like donut stations, DIY ice cream sandwich or yoghurt bars, waffle stations or ice kachang booths.