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Overseas wedding shoot? 5 things you may be forgetting

​Organising an overseas shoot can get pretty overwhelming. Don't let these fall through the cracks.

#1 Factor in weather conditions

Take note of rainy seasons, winter, as well as the probability of typhoons and hailstorms. It'll not only be a real downer, you'll also be wasting precious time and money, too. Also be sure to check with your photographer on charges regarding reshoots in case of bad weather. 


Golden hour: Carina Koh and Paw Su Yuan's dreamy Santorini shoot, taken at dusk. 

#2 Daylight hours

Take this into consideration as well when you're deciding on the season and month of the year to book your trip. Winter might be great for romantic, snowy pictures, but it also means you'll have less time for shots since the daylight hours are cut short. Some of the best pictures are taken around sunrise and sunset (the light's softer, less harsh and more flattering), so you'll want to keep these timings in mind, too. 


#3 Getting enough rest

In the weeks leading up to the shoot, try to get as much rest as you can amidst all the wedding prep work. Frazzled nerves, lethargy and dark eye circles (beat panda eyes with these 3 hacks) will definitely show in your snaps! 

Your flight timing's also important here. Leave enough time between your arrival and photo-taking days to get adequate rest as well as pack for the shoot itself.


Wendy Quek's light flowing lace and tulle number and Daryl's laidback suit went with the natural surroundings of the Hillsborough The English Country House in Chiangmai, Thailand. (In collaboration with Digio Bridal and Silkair). 

#4 Outfits that match each other's as well as your backdrop

A great wedding photo is about how everything comes together beautifully. And outfits that look out of place can look odd in what's otherwise a marvellous picture. Your gown should complement his suit too -  a boho dress will look great with a casual linen suit in light, muted tones, while a princess-style gown will go with a formal tux or sharp suit.


"Shortly after we took this shot (at the St. Patrick's Cathedral), the authorities came and told us no photo-taking was allowed. We then realised that most couples were taking photos outside the main gate of the cathedral. It was a one shot take and it turned out to be one of the best photos so thank goodness!" Celestine Ang and Kelvin Chua shared. 

#5 Adequate research

What you search for on the Internet might not always be accurate or up-to-date. For example, the gothic cathedral you had your heart set on (and are travelling all the way to Europe for) might be undergoing restoration plans. Or the authorities don't allow for photographs to be taken. If your photographer is from the region, be sure to go through these points. Alternatively, if the locations are near each other, schedule a day before to go on a quick recce - you might want to skip places that are too crowded, for example.