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Choose comfortable shoes as well as a dress with a silhouette you can manage at your wedding. Photo: Amelia & Alvin’s wedding shoot at Henderson Waves, where he proposed. More on their wedding here.

If you’re like local actress Chen Liping, who couldn’t get used to the idea of wearing a wedding dress (she associated it with work, poor thing!) and didn’t wear one on her big day, here are our suggestions on how to get around it. 

1. Skip the big white dress
It doesn’t matter what people say – you don’t really need to wear a white wedding gown to exchange vows and make your union legal. Instead, consider other pocket-friendly options, like these dresses from high-street labels like Topshop and H&M or US-based online website Reformation, or skip the formal outfits altogether and pull a more casual (but slightly dressier version) ensemble, like these ones here.

2. About that fit
When picking your outfits, know your body shape, what works, and what doesn’t. Contributing Editor Steve Thio offers more tips on the best wedding dress styles for every body shape.

3. Put on comfortable shoes
Wearing the right pair of shoes is important, as you’re going to be on your feet the entire day (taking photos, greeting guests and so on). One important thing to remember: Never break in your new shoes on your wedding day unless you enjoy decorating your feet with plasters (if you’re unlucky), tottering uncomfortably in your 4-inch heels, or eventually swapping with someone else for a pair of shoes that doesn’t match your dress at all. Pick the right shoes with these tips from our Contributing Editor, Steve, here.

4. Bring a second pair of shoes
Even if your shoes aren’t brand new, if you’re wearing heels, your feet are bound to get tired. Bring along a second pair (flats or wedges) that you can move around in comfortably. We love these ones (especially the Swarovski-encrusted ones) from Melissa shoes! Even celebrity host and media personality Jade Seah wore a pair on her own wedding day.

5. Less entertainment, more mingling
If you’re unused to getting all the attention that’ll surely come during your wedding, plan for a short ceremony or reception that doesn’t require too much entertainment. Same with your speech. A shorter reception means shorter speeches are fine, too. Other tips include having your entertainment take place on the dance floor, or in a circle instead of the stage. Also, opt for a top or VIP table instead of a sweetheart table, and consider a first look, if you’re not traditional. The first look will help calm your nerves before making your big walk down the aisle.

6. Walk in, unannounced
Again, this is more for the introverted couple. If you don’t want all eyes on you, skip the second march-in at the ceremony or at the reception. Once is enough, and if guests want to find you, they’ll be able to do so at the table, or wherever you’ll be, especially if you’re not having multiple wardrobe changes.