Your skin produces less sebum at night, and the lack of the protective layer of oil causes your skin to lose more moisture.

That’s why it’s important to turn to moisturising skincare products to ensure your skin is well hydrated throughout the night.

These six overnight masks are super hydrating and jam-packed with nourishing ingredients. Wake up to smooth and moisturised skin, at last.

1. Kiehl’s Ginger Leaf & Hibiscus Firming Mask ($88 for 100ml)

Beyond the fine lines that come with age, we also worry about our skin losing its elasticity and turning saggy.

Kiehl’s firming mask is infused with ginger leaf and hibiscus to nourish and tighten your skin overnight.

The smooth and velvety texture makes application fuss-free. It also contains essential oils for a soothing, calming aroma – perfect for bedtime.

Available at Kiehl’s outlets and leading departmental stores from July 1. 

Photo: Kiehl’s

2. Kenzoki Belle De Jour Dream Night Mask ($136 for 75ml)

Formulated with white lotus extract, Kenzoki’s Belle De Jour Dream Night Mask is able to tackle the harmful effects from UV rays and other external pollutants you have been exposed to during the day. Apply a thin layer over your face in the evening.

The result? Plump and radiant skin by morning. Plus points for the aesthetically pleasing pastel pink and fluffy texture of the mask.  

Available at

Photo: Sephora

3. Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Overnight Firming Mask ($125 for 50ml)

This mask contains anti-ageing and hydrating properties. If you often sleep in an air-conditioned room, you may find yourself waking up with dry skin.

Elizabeth Arden’s Ceramide Overnight Firming Mask is formulated with hyaluronic acid and moisture-sealing technology – it forms a breathable film that prevents any moisture loss during your sleep.

It also contains alfalfa extract that will boost your skin’s natural ability to repair and renew. With its soothing fragrance, you are sure to get a good night’s rest.

Available at Elizabeth Arden counters at leading departmental stores, and

Photo: Elizabeth Arden


4. Innisfree Green Tea Sleeping Mask ($22 for 80ml)

It’s not the first time we have tried Innisfree’s green tea-infused products – we are simply hooked on the refreshing scent, and this sleeping mask is no different.

It works to deliver hydration and restore your skin’s pH levels overnight.

The gel-like texture is not sticky or greasy and will sit on your face comfortably while you snooze. Rinse off in the morning and your skin will feel soft and dewy.

Available at Innisfree Singapore stores.

Photo: Innisfree

5. Algenist Splash Absolute Hydration Replenishing Sleeping Pack ($75 for 60ml)

Throughout the day, your skin constantly experiences a loss of moisture from being exposed to UV rays and external pollutants.

That’s why it’s important to pamper your skin while you sleep. Algenist’s Splash Absolute Hydration Replenishing Sleeping Pack contains patented Algalyte Complex to hydrate your skin.

It also has alguronic acid that can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and brighten your skin.

Available at 

Photo: Sephora

6. SK-II Overnight Miracle Mask ($140 for 6 capsules)

You can count on SK-II’s Overnight Miracle Mask to nourish your skin while you sleep.

It contains SK-II’s signature natural ingredient Pitera that will deliver nutrients like amino acids, vitamins and minerals to your skin.

Your complexion will look so refreshed it’s as if you had all the beauty sleep in the world. The compact capsules are perfectly-sized for your travels too.

Available at SK-II counters at leading departmental stores, and

Photo: SK-II


This article was first published in Shape Singapore.