#1 Just keep planning

Post-wedding withdrawal is real. If you find yourself having post-wedding blues, make a bucket list of new experiences. Even planning simple day-trips can mean you have something to look forward to at the end of a hectic work week. Share new experiences together. Injecting novelty into the relationship helps keep the fire burning.


#2 Reminisce the big day

It was the best day ever! Reliving the big day won’t just bring smiles to your faces, it’ll also help forge a connection when both of you remember the special moments of the day together. Look through pictures and videos, or talk about the hilarious speech your best man gave. (See: 6 mistakes to avoid for your wedding speech) Frame up your wedding pictures around the house so you’ll always get happy reminders of your biggest day. 

Just don’t be that couple who relentlessly post wedding photos on their social media pages, even eons after the wedding. 


#3 Get intimate

Yes, we’re talking sex but also simply cuddling on the couch, a warm hug, placing a hand on your partner’s arm or leg when you’re talking, or planting an impromptu one on the forehead. Physical touch is a fundamental human need, and helps reduce stress as well as strengthen feelings of connection.



You can also recreate the magic of your wedding night – buy flowers, light candles or get new lingerie to get the romance going, then spend quality time as a couple. Hint: Make this a weekly affair. You can thank us later. See also: 8 sexiest tips to get wedding or honeymoon night-ready


#4 Give each other space from time to time

You know the saying “there can be too much of a good thing”? This applies to your time spent together too. Instead of thinking about “we” all the time, have your own “me” time, plan activities with your own friends, and have your own independent identity – you’ll also bring new experiences and things to the table, and that helps maintain attraction. 



#5 Be a supportive partner

Encouraging your partner to pursue his or her goals – an individual feeling unfulfilled in other areas of life could also get in the way of a couple’s happiness. This could mean making small sacrifices on your part, like not heading out sometimes so he or she can focus on his goals – but your partner will appreciate you for it. Plus, you have to admit there’s something sexy about watching your partner in his or her element, and in seeing them in a new light. 


#6 Have a reason to celebrate, no matter how small

You don’t need a stupendous reason to pop the champagne (or well, any reason at all for that matter). Be it a small victory in the kitchen, a great conversation with your mother-in-law or a productive day at work, toasting to the good things (no matter how small) together will keep the good vibes rolling. Treat yourselves to a night out or splurge a little on that new home accessory you always wanted. 


#7 Don’t stop on the “I Love You”s. And don’t stop flirting

These three simple words can prove difficult to say when the problems of real life takes over. But don’t ever stop saying them – sometimes, all we need is a simple reminder to get us going when things get rough. And saying it when you’re in the midst of a disagreement helps reassure the other party that no matter how angry you are at each other, you’re still committed to making your marriage work (and vice versa). 

While you might be settling into married life and getting comfortable, don’t forget to flirt like you just started dating. It’ll serve as a reminder to your partner of how sexy and attractive you find them – talk about an ego-booster!