Think of a Chinese betrothal and the si dian jin, or  “four pieces of gold”, immediately spring to mind. Deeply rooted in tradition, the si dian jin set of gold jewellery plays a significant part in a Chinese wedding and is part of the bride’s trousseau. Given to the bride by her mother-in-law, the jewellery not only symbolises the acceptance of the bride into the groom’s family, but is also an affirmation that she will be well taken care of once she is married.
Traditionally a four-piece set of gold earrings, ring, bangle, and necklace, the si dian jin would feature customary motifs such as the dragon and phoenix (to symbolise matrimonial bliss and harmony), the pig (gold pigs signify blessings for happiness, wealth, abundance and fertility), and flowers like the plum blossom and peony.
Actress Rebecca Lim wears refined pieces from Goldheart’s 916 Gold Si Dian Jin collection that match beautifully with a white wedding dress. 

For your wedding and beyond

While they bear special meanings, traditional si dian jin designs aren’t exactly what a modern woman would want in her arsenal of daily accessories, so these gold items are often tucked away in the safe after the big day. 
Tha’s why the contemporary feminine designs of Goldheart’s 916 Gold Si Dian Jin collection – in a signature champagne hue that looks flattering against most skin tones – makes these pieces versatile, wearable and stylish while staying true to the significance of the si dian jin.

Gifts that endure

Created with European state-of-the-art technology and 916 (otherwise known as 22K) gold, the jewellery features immaculate workmanship and the kind of attention to detail that goes into crafting significant and precious keepsakes that you’ll cherish for a long time.

Style it your way

Whether with your qun kua or cheongsam, a sophisticated wedding gown or a crisp office shirt, the 916 Gold Si Dian Jin pieces can be worn individually or as a set to add a luxurious gleam to your outfit. 
There’s a stye for everyone, too: petite, contemporary designs that are striking in their simplicity; lavish pieces that turn on the glamour; or finely sculpted floral-inspired ones for a touch of romance. Whichever option you choose, you’re set to shine on your special day and for years to come. 
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