1. Not your average invites
Instead of regular suites or rectangular cards, this vivacious couple sent their guests photo booth strips, which showcased their personalities and wedding theme perfectly. 


2. Modern oriental inspiration
If you thought traditional Chinese invitations had to be red, gold and bold, these ones prove otherwise.


3. All shapes and sizes
Skip the regular shapes and opt for something fun and whimsical, instead.


4. Simple does it
Instead of fancy calligraphy fonts, this one exudes minimalist chic. It’s easy to read too, so your message won’t get lost in translation!


5. Black, white and beyond
When you think of modern, minimalist suites, a black-and-white one immediately comes to mind. But this one stands out for its blockish letters and geometric pocket folds.


6. Clear as day
We’ve been seeing more glass or translucent invites, and we can’t get enough of them!


7. White on white
Less is quite simply, more.


8. Quite lovely
Marble patterns have been so hot, we aren’t surprised when they come in the form of invitations, too.


Romantic and yet modern, design by @blissandbone go follow them for more great wedding invitations!

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