Image: Encore 18K white gold ring with blood orange sapphires, and Encore 18K rose gold ring with blue sapphires from State Property, Her World Brides Dec’18 – Feb’19 issue.

Think engagement rings, and a classic round diamond ring will come to mind.

This sentiment is experiencing a change however, with millennial couples who are prefer to go with precious gemstones like sapphires, emeralds and rubies for their engagement rings instead. 

There are a few reasons why, and they mostly align to the mindset of wanting their wedding to be personalized and set apart.

With gemstones, couples can pick something that speaks to them, and is unique and meaningful. 



Every gemstone carries its own history, meaning and characteristics, and as such, carries a significance that goes beyond its aesthetic value. There are couples who like to go with their birthstone as well. 

For instance, emerald represents fertility (for couples who wants to have a big family), while rubies mean passion and vitality, which will go a long way in marriage. 



Symbolism of your birthstone


The unique hues of gemstones give couples the chance to have more creative say in their ring design too, whether you want it to resemble a flower with a pink Morganite centre, or even a starburst shape with a yellow Sapphire. 



Coloured gemstones are also known to be more ethical in comparison to diamonds, which will appeal to social and eco-conscious couples. 

There is a reason why some diamonds have gained the reputation as “blood diamonds”, which means any diamond mined in a war zone, under conditions that include child labour and slave-like working conditions. 

Of course, if you want a diamond engagement ring, you can always pick a diamond source that is certified to be ethical. 



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Finally, a bespoke gemstone ring that has been designed specifically for the wearer, make for great heirloom pieces that can be passed on to loved ones who will appreciate something to remember the wearer by.

It will be woven into your love story and family history, making the significance of your engagement ring even more special!