Image: Antonio Guillem

Proposals are personal affairs that concern only the couple (and sometimes their loved ones). But on the occasion where they involve the public somehow, it can swing both ways.

There have been successful public proposals (like these couples, who really went all out at places like the Underwater World and Changi Airport).

Then there are instances, where it all went sideways (quite literally for this guy, who held up a Mayday concert on May 24, 2015, in Hong Kong, which cost the concert’s organiser a fair bit of money – see the full story here).

Here, our tips on how to pull off a successful, and meaningful proposal for your better half.

1. Don’t do it to seek attention
The focus should be on your better half, and not anything else.

Practice your lines if you must to help you feel more prepared and less distracted or nervous.


(Though we won’t particularly recommend Chandler’s attempt.)


2. Don’t do it for fame on social media
People can tell if you’re not sincere, and you will be judged for it, trust me. 

There’s a thin line between sharing out of happiness and joy and sharing because you want to show how lavish the proposal was. 



3. Don’t do it for other selfish reasons
The decision should involve you and your partner, and no one else. If you’re doing it for other reasons, then you should think twice.

And if you’re doing it even when you know your partner isn’t ready yet, then don’t be mad when she turns you down. 



4. Don’t do something that’s so out of character

Don’t do anything that may shock or shame your partner. It may not end well. 

After all, she loves you for you. 



5. Don’t try something you don’t know your girlfriend will like
For instance, if she’s a private person and prefers to have a quiet celebratory moment, planning a flash mob along Orchard Road may not guarantee you great results.



6. Pick the right time to propose

Don’t do it when she’s in a bad mood, bad situation, busy, or if you know you’re going to hold other people’s schedules up. (See how this woman didn’t let her boyfriend’s proposal interrupt her Super Mario game here.)



7. Don’t propose if you don’t know that she will accept
This may sound self-explanatory, but there have been cases where things have gone south because the girl wasn’t sure.

So check and make sure you know she is willing to marry you before you spend money on that ring and plan a proposal!


We wish you a successful proposal! 


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