Her World Brides x Tiffany & Co.

Synonymous with romance, luxury and elegance, proposals with Tiffany & Co. are always special.

From the practical to the intimate, here's how you can go down on one knee with the blue box, and etch an unforgettable proposal with these stunning rings from Tiffany & Co: 


1. The classic: lavish her with the whole works

A platinum diamond ring of the highest quality, flowers, a handwritten note and of course, a glass of bubbly to celebrate. 

Tiffany Setting platinum diamond solitaire ring, and 18K rose gold band.


2. When you're a practical Singaporean, but also a romantic at heart 

Change up the BTO proposal game with Tiffany & Co. 

Nothing says "I'm committed to spend the rest of my life with you" like keys to your future abode, and a diamond ring that will last as long as your love. 

Tiffany Setting platinum diamond solitaire ring.


3. Surprise her during her morning cuppa coffee

There's nothing more intimate than the quiet mornings you spend together before the hectic day ahead. 

Tiffany Setting platinum diamond solitaire ring.


4. Life is an adventure meant to be experienced together

CLOCKWISE FROM RIGHT: Schlumberger Sixteen Stone 18K gold diamond ring, Tiffany T wire 18K gold diamond ring, Schlumberger Rope two-row 18K gold and platinum diamond ring, and Tiffany T wire 18K gold ring


5. Celebrate your milestones

Take time to celebrate and appreciate the milestones you've achieved together, each one heartfelt and hard fought. 

Tiffany T wire 18K gold diamond ring, and 18K rose gold band.


6. The Milennial way: be so sleek she can't say no 

Get her heart thumping when you drop her a seemingly nonchalent Whatsapp text. Surprises that appear out of the ordinary make for the best stories.

Of course we'd suggest following up with a proposal in person, one knee on the ground and all. 


Photography: Vee Chin , Art direction: Steve Thio, Styling: Karin Tan, Styling assistant & model: Ashley Phan