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1. Green Tea
This international favourite has made its way to every celebrities’ diet plan due to its amazing fat busting properties. This ubiquitous drink contains a compound called catechins that break fat cells down and subsequently speed up the rate at which the liver turns this fat into energy. Boom! Fat = busted. 

2. Oolong Tea
The Chinese Journal Of Integrative Medicine found out that people who drank Oolong tea every day for 6 weeks lost 6 pounds! That’s because this traditional Chinese tea is packed with catechins that blast fat cells. Its high antioxidant content speeds up your metabolism for further calorie burn. 

3. Peppermint Tea
Some call it toothpaste water but even a whiff of this minty tea is strong enough to ward off cravings. Have a cup (or few) of this tea to suppress your appetite and put a halt to even your strongest food desire.

4. Cumin Tea
Cumin seeds are a popular spice used in Indian, Mexican and Middle Eastern dishes. Boil a handful of these anti-inflammatory seeds in a pot of water for a cup of spicy, minty tea. Amidst getting rid of all your digestive problems, it boosts your metabolism and decreases body fat percentage. And it tastes just like liquorice!

5. Lemon Tea
Simply squeeze some lemon in a cup of brewed tea of your choice to fight the bloat as lemon contains compounds that are a great diuretic to reduce water retention in puffy areas. And no, sugar’s not allowed!

6. White Tea
Probably the least processed type of tea, white tea has the highest amount of antioxidants. This unique brew breaks down fat while preventing the formation of future fat cells. If you’re looking for a diet tea, this is it!

7. Red Tea
Also known as Rooibos tea, this bright red tea has the compound Aspalathin, that decrease your hunger and rate of fat storage.

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8. Pu-erh Tea
This fermented Chinese tea decreases the concentration of fat in our blood and helps with our fat loss efforts. 

9. Black Tea
If you don’t have access to all these fancy teas, brew yourself a good old cup of black tea. The caffeine in it is sure to improve the quality of your cardiovascular system by getting your heart rate up. Be warned that a study by the European Heart Journal found that adding milk to tea counteracts the benefits of black tea. 

10. Chamomile Tea
Chamomile tea is often taken before bed to fully relax. Instead, try drinking it at any time of the day (especially when you’re feeling stressed) to calm your nerves which will eventually decrease your desire to irrationally reach out for your calorie-laden cravings.

11. Chai
Adding spices such as ginger, cardamom and cinnamon to black tea is a delightful and fat-busting concoction you’ll look forward to every morning.

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This story was first published in SHAPE.