PHOTO: @herworldbrides

If you’re having a ballroom wedding…

try: The Face Shop Character Mask Sheet

What it does: Busts dry and flaky skin with hyaluronic acid and collagen, made interesting through a series of interesting animals – sheep, dragon, panda, tiger and fox. Exposure to air-conditioning all afternoon or evening will cause your skin to dry up thanks to the cold air. Pop a mask the night before, or in between your morning and lunch or dinner receptions, to freshen up your mien.

try: Skin Inc Get Glowin’ Brightening Mask

What it does: Achieves brighter and smoother skin thanks to its latest nano technology for skincare, plant extracts (scutellaria baicalensis root and chlorella vulgaris extracts), as well as other ingredients such as natto gum and sodium hyaluronate. Like the first point, exposing your skin to pro-longed air-conditioning will dry out your skin, making it dull. Other factors that contribute to dull skin: an improper diet, lack of sleep, and too much sugar. So be sure to cut down on those during the days leading up to the wedding.


If you’re having a mostly DIY wedding

try: For Beloved One Hyaluronic Acid GHK-Cu Moisturizing Bio-Cellulose Mask

What it does: Locks in moisture, protects, and revitalizes skin with copper peptide, hyaluronic acid, malachite (a type of mineral) and beetroot extract. This mask soothes, refreshes and protects sensitive skin. It’s great, especially if you’re feeling too stressed over getting your DIY projects perfect.

If you’re having an outdoor wedding

try: Caudalie Purifying Mask

What it does: Busts impurities such as white- and blackheads, absorbs excess sebum, clears dead skin, and soothes with a mix of two clays, plant extracts (sage, chamomile, lavender) and zinc. If you’re tying the knot outdoors, you will be subject to heat and humidity – the two factors that’ll contribute to wider pores no thanks to sweat and sebum secretion. Prevent that by applying this mask the night before the wedding.