Look radiant and flawless with this 6 month bridal beauty regime

6 months before

If you overload your skin with products and treatments just days or weeks before you say “I Do”, you could end up looking and feeling less than perfect.

Tip: If you have the time, it’s important to figure out your skin’s needs early. Beauty experts suggest you begin about six months ahead of time, so you can experiment with what works and doesn’t, and have a skincare routine as well as optional treatments in place.

Contouring & filling in

When considering fillers or Botox, Dr Low Chai Ling, Medical Director at The Sloane Clinic, says, “If you have not done such procedures before, you should book them well in advance as visible results vary between patients, and can take some time to show fully.

“Botox, when used properly for contouring, can make a woman look amazing. However, first-timers usually need time to get used to the feeling of injectables,” she added.

Try: “Dermal fillers are excellent for plumping and adding volume for a soft and youthful look,” says Dr. Low. When injected into the tear troughs, they can help to significantly reduce the appearance of dark circles. “Botox and fillers should be done at least six weeks before your wedding. In some cases, mild bruising or swelling occur, and need time to clear.”

Clearing pigmentation

To remove dark, unsightly spots, Dr. Low suggests treatments six months to a year before your big day.

“Pigment laser works effectively to remove dark and age spots. You will need six to eight sessions for optimum results,” she explains.

 Look radiant and flawless with this 6 month bridal beauty regime

Try: The Divine Whitening Program incorporates Pigment Laser and Vitamin Therapy to treat stubborn patches of pigmentation and an uneven skin tone in order to improve skin health and overall radiance. 

Smoothing skin

“Get your complexion camera-ready by starting an exfoliation routine now. There are topical products with glycolic, lactic and kojic acids that can help to remove dead surface cells and repair cellular damage to help  brighten and illuminate skin from within,” says Dr Low.

Tip: When dead skin cells accumulate, they make the skin rough or uneven – and flawless-looking makeup practically impossible to achieve.

Regular professional facials or microdermabrasion treatments help to minimise the appearance of pores and create a smooth and radiant complexion. With great skin, you won’t need as much makeup to conceal imperfections.

Try: The Lightening Complexion Corrector for dull skin and pigmentation issues. The Sleeping Peel for normal to oily, as well as blemished skin. It increases the rate of natural exfoliation while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

 Look radiant and flawless with this 6 month bridal beauty regime

One month

Avoid extreme procedures such as ablative laser or facial treatments involving forceful extractions that may damage the skin. Simply continue your current beauty routine.

Try: If you feel your complexion could do with a boost, opt for something gentle, like The Sloane Clinic’s Laser Peel to refine pores and texture without any downtime.

One week

At this stage, avoid trying anything new, whether it’s makeup, skincare, self-tanning, nail polish, facials, or any other beauty procedure.

Note: Maintain your skin’s condition. Keep yourself well-hydrated by drinking plenty of water and eating food with high water content like salads and fruits. And keep your skin well-moisturised at all times ans well as protected against the sun to reduce dryness and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Tip: Sleep is the top secret to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and flawless, radiant skin. A warm bath or meditation before bedtime can help improve your quality of sleep. Also try and minimise stress, which could lead to increased sebum production and whiteheads.

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This story was first published at Her World Brides Dec 2016.