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Summer’s over and you can finally bundle up, feel the cool autumn breeze on your skin and collect those red maple leaves scattered on the ground… Oh wait, we don’t have autumn in Singapore.

If you feel like escaping the ever-present summer, here are some autumn destinations that you can consider taking a trip to. Ranging from the popular tourist destinations to some unexpected but just as breathtaking spots, there are choices for every budget — from the cash-strapped traveler who longs to immerse himself in the atmosphere of fall, to the extravagant vacationer who aims to enjoy the season in style. With airplane tickets and hotel booking services provided by Zuji, you can travel to these stunning destinations at a very affordable price.

1. Kyoto, Japan


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Close your eyes and imagine the pavements covered with lush red autumn leaves, framed by the solemn and stately colours of ancient temples. This is Kyoto for you. They all say that Kyoto is timeless, and its understated elegance serves as the perfect backdrop to the fleeting beauty of fall. Even the Japanese locals themselves flock to Kyoto to partake in autumn leaf viewing, a seasonal ritual only second in importance to the cherry blossom viewing in spring. When you are in Kyoto, do not forget to check out their Matcha products which they are world-renowned for.

Zuji estimated hotel prices in Kyoto before cashback: from ~$150/night onwards*
Zuji estimated hotel prices in Kyoto after cashback: from ~$138/night onwards*

2. Vancouver, Canada 

The immediate place that comes to mind when Canada is brought up is Toronto, but do you know that Ontario is equally if not more gorgeous when it comes to fall?

Vancouver stands out as a fall destination because of its coastal location, meaning that the varied shades of gold and brown of the fall foliage will be beautifully contrasted against the dark blue of the sea. Constantly ranked among the most liveable cities in the world, Vancouver delights not only with its cultural diversity, with 52% of its residents speaking a first language other than English.

Zuji estimated hotel prices in Vancouver before cashback: from ~$105/night onwards*
Zuji estimated hotel prices in Vancouver after cashback: from ~$97/night onwards*

3. Florence, Italy 

Florence shares a similar type of old-world beauty with Kyoto, but still offers an experience that is drastically yet wonderfully different. Florence’s cobblestone streets are lined with quaint brick houses, accented by majestic marvels of architecture such as the Florence Cathedral, making autumn there postcard-perfect.

Autumn in Florence will completely blow you away, especially at sunset where the golden rays blend the autumn leaves and the exquisite city to form a piece of art right before your eyes. Another feature not to be missed is the famous vineyards in Florence which, in autumn, transform magically into rows of gold, a sight that is marvellous to behold.

Zuji estimated hotel prices in Florence before cashback: from ~$145/night onwards*
Zuji estimated hotel prices in Florence after cashback: from ~$133/night onwards*

4. Beijing, China 


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When you think of the poetic beauty of autumn, the first image that comes to mind isn’t likely to be one of the hustle and bustle of Beijing, China’s ever-crowded capital city. Yet, believe it or not, this busy city does have a few tricks up its sleeve when it comes to bringing you an unforgettable autumn. Before you dismiss the Great Wall of China as another commercialised tourist trap, be sure to visit it in fall, where the greenery around it is brushed with broad strokes of red. Every step of your hike on the wall will literally steal your breath away (no pun intended), with the humbling recognition of how small man is compared to the vastness of nature and history.

Zuji estimated hotel prices in Beijing before cashback: from ~$85/night onwards*
Zuji estimated hotel prices in Beijing after cashback: from ~$78/night onwards*

5. Hanoi, Vietnam

For those of you who think that autumn is an impossible occurrence in Southeast Asia, Hanoi is here to disprove your assumptions. Situated in Northern Vietnam, the climate in Hanoi is closer to a temperate one as opposed to the tropical climate of most of Southeast Asia.

Make a special note to visit the rice fields in Hanoi that turn into rich layers of gold cascading down gently. We bet you can hear the autumn wind passing through the stalks of gloriously golden rice crop at this very moment.

Zuji estimated hotel prices in Hanoi before cashback: from ~$30/night onwards*
Zuji estimated hotel prices in Hanoi after cashback: from ~$28/night onwards*

6. Nashville, Tennessee, USA


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Nashville exudes country charm, with huge trees and wide-spread branches loaded with delicate gold and red leaves — treasures of the autumn season. However, this is not what makes Nashville distinct from every other fall destination in the USA, or even the rest of the world.

Why come to Nashville in fall, then? For its outstanding musical heritage of course! Fall is an ideal time for the music lover to visit Nashville because of its frequent (and often free) outdoor music festivals in the mild and cooling weather. Events and festivals to check out include the yearly Americana Fest and Artober Nashville. Finding a place to take a rest in the midst of the cool autumn air with some great music? Nashville sounds exactly like the place for you.

Zuji estimated hotel prices in Nashville, Tennessee before cashback: from ~$200/night onwards*
Zuji estimated hotel prices in Nashville, Tennessee after cashback: from ~$184/night onwards*

7. Seoul, Korea

We’re pretty sure that you don’t need many additional reasons to visit Seoul. After all, you’d probably already have wanted to visit Seoul to fulfil your kimchi, K-pop and K-drama cravings. Seoul’s unique charm becomes more evident as the plants around ease into different shades of autumn. Remember to visit Shinsadong Garosugil for its pavements lined with ginkgo trees. At fall, the fan-shaped leaves are scattered all over and makes for a really pretty sight. Also check out Gyeongbukgung for the atmospheric autumn scenery set against magnificent historical landmarks. Not only will you feel like you are transported back in time to a period K-drama, the place is filled with plenty of Insta-worthy backgrounds!

Zuji estimated hotel prices in Hanoi before cashback: from ~$80/night onwards*
Zuji estimated hotel prices in Hanoi after cashback: from ~$74/night onwards*

* All hotel pricings are estimated based on prices of rooms for 1 night from 15 October to 16 October, for a room that accommodates two adults.

Together with winter, autumn is one of the more aesthetic of seasons. How and where would you choose to spend it? No matter what it is, you should definitely spend it with Zuji Singapore!

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