Instead of the standard vows, more couples are injecting their own personal touch to their vows – from the humorous to the meaningful and heartwarming. A perfect example of it – actress Jesseca Liu and comedian Jeremy Chan’s touching vows during their wedding on Sunday

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Baby, 16th July is the most memorable date in my life. During the three years that we have been together, you have let me understood that acceptance, tolerance and height are not problems. Thank you. The journey of life is very long, let us go on it together hand in hand.

In the coming days, whether you’re getting old, sick or fat, I will always cherish you and love you until we grow old. I promise to kiss you before I leave the house everyday, and every night before we sleep. PS: Even if you haven’t brushed your teeth.

If I can only love you for four days, it will be in the Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. If I can only love you for three days, it will be yesterday, today and tomorrow. If I can only love you for two days, it will be in the good times and bad times. If I can only love you for one day, make that each day that I breathe. I love you, my dearest wife. 


Ever since we have been together, you have heard the ugliest words. But thankfully, you have a big heart and you have tolerated everything! 

You often say that I am your best friend, best brother and sister, best travel and shopping kaki. Now, I have a new identity – your wife. I will use the rest of my lifetime to learn how to be a good wife. Thank you for your perseverance and for not giving up so that I have the chance to be your wife. 

Everyone says that you are lucky to have met me. But they don’t know that I am the lucky one. You have made me known that being loved and being protected is actually such a wonderful thing. 


BRB while we melt. Inspired? Check out our tips on writing your own. 

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1. Give yourself time
It’s never a good idea to start writing your vows the night before, or moments before the wedding. Unless you’re immensely talented, or you’re looking to pen a slipshod message that probably won’t impress your husband or your guests.

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2. Look for inspiration
Just like how you’ve been looking around for inspiration for your dress, decorations and other aspects of your wedding, your vows should be no different. Thanks to Google, there are now templates, quotes and pointers on how to word them.

3. Look back
Think about your relationship history, how you met, when you realised you loved him, when you shared your first significant moment together, and so on. Also, think about your quirks, things you like and dislike about him or yourself, and then piece everything together into two to three succinct passages.

4. Make a few promises
These are called wedding vows, and promises should be a part of them. Whether they’re serious (where you make everlasting declarations of love till death do you part), or hilarious (like promising not to spoil dinner too often), these should be personal, heartfelt, and applicable to the both of you.

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5. Look to others
If there’s a couple (real or fictional) who have inspired you or your relationship, you can include examples on how you’d like to be more like them in your vows.

You can also look to movies, poems or stories for romantic lines to “borrow”.

6. Determine a time limit and format with your husband-to-be 
You can keep your actual vows a secret if you’re looking to surprise him, but do discuss and agree on several pointers. After all, you don’t want to be caught looking unprepared or long-winded next to his and vice versa.

7. Don’t reveal too much information
How much is too much? You should draw the line at sharing embarrassing things your husband-to-be may not be comfortable with revealing.

8. Practice makes perfect
Once you’re done, practice reading your vows out loud or to a trusted friend or relative. Your vows should sound clear, conversational (and not as if you’re reading out loud from a book), and shouldn’t sound too curt or sappy. 

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9. Make a clean copy
Whether you’re printing them in a specially-made vow book as a memento, or you’re just reciting your vows from a piece of A4 paper, just make sure you can read it on the day of, and not fumble around ’cause your handwriting’s illegible.