1. Wear a white dress or top to your trial

You’ll have a clearer preview of how your make-up and hairdo will look against your white gown.

And if you already know the neckline and cut of your gown/s, you should wear something with a similar neckline.

2. Wash your hair before the trial

Have your hair clean and natural as you won’t want your MUA to work with hair that’s greasy or filled with hair spray.

It’s also likely that you would have it washed the night before or the morning itself on your wedding actual day, so you should have your hair in the same condition during the trial as well.

3. Go bare face 

Leave your make-up and primer alone if you’re headed straight to the trial. MUA have their own moisturizing regime – mask, serum, or ampoules etc, and the trial will be a good chance to see if their regime works well for your face.

4. After the trial, leave the make-up and hairdo on as long as possible

This is to check if your hairdo and make-up has staying power.

Your MUA’s choice of primer or foundation might turn out to be unsuitable for you (oxidisation is a terrible thing we all have to suffer from) – even if it did look good at first.

You need products that can last you at least through the morning.

Same goes for your hair! You won’t want your curls to go limp or have strands falling out from your up-do even before you get a chance to touch-up.

5. Research and communication

Always do your research and communicate with your MUA on the look you are going for – unless you don’t actually have a preference and would like to rely on the expertise of your MUA.

No matter your preferences or lack of preference, it would be beneficial to everyone if you set realistic expectations and voice out whatever opinion you have, even if you aren’t sure if it is relevant.


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