Photo: Her World Brides June 2015

Diamonds are not like designer bags or clothing where there are standard prices for a particular model or design. The prices for a 1-carat diamond can vary greatly, from S$4,000 to over S$36,000 depending on factors like cut, clarity,colour and carat weight. Learn more about what the 4Cs mean and how they affect the prices of diamonds here, to understand what the 4Cs are.

So depending on the cut, clarity and colour of the diamond, you can have a less than 1-carat diamond that is highly graded according to the 4Cs scale and that is more brilliant than a 1-carat diamond that is graded on a lower scale. (See other ways to save on your diamond ring here.)

For grooms looking to buy their bride a diamond ring, it would be best to check with her what her preferences are:

  • Does she want a brilliant, more sparkling diamond?
  • Does she prefer a bigger-sized diamond?
  • Does she mind a 1-carat diamond that grades lower on the 4 Cs scale?
  • Does she want fancy shaped diamonds?

All these preferences and factors will play a part in determining the kind of diamond to buy, and the cost of it.

Add to that the cost of setting the diamond, the other precious metals used, design and craftmanship, and you will will get an idea of what a 1-carat diamond ring will cost.

It’s also best to purchase diamonds or wedding rings that come with diamonds that are GIA certified (see the GIA grading report here) to ensure that you are paying for the quality you expect. 

There are also other diamond certifications like the Tiffany Diamond certificate awarded by Tiffany & Co, which is backed by the Tiffany full Lifetime Warranty.

So make sure you do your research and get your priorities and facts right before purchasing diamond ring of your dreams.