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When it comes to ang pow guides in Singapore, most usually touch on weddings held at hotels, restaurants or even cafes.

That’s not the case for church weddings though.

And, unlike the aforementioned venues, where price breakdowns per table are clearly stated, it’s not quite the case for church weddings as each church charges different rates for venue rentals.

You’ll also have to keep in mind whether there’s a buffet lunch or tea, and who the caterers are.

One thing’s for sure: church weddings usually cost less and are generally less elaborate affairs. So ang pow rates are naturally less than what you’d expect to fork out for wedding banquets.

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But a good gauge, according to is between $50 and $80, which is the same for solemnisation ceremonies.

This depends on how close you are to the couple, and whether lunch, tea, or dinner will be served after.

A general rule of thumb: weekday rates are usually cheaper than weekend rates. Lunch is also usually cheaper than dinner.

If you are headed for a separate reception after, it’s usually good form to top up about $30 to $60 on top of the regular ang pow rate for the hotel or restaurant in question.

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