A hipster or alternative celebration usually entails an eclectic mix of elements, says Jessica Claire Chew of Wedrock Weddings. They include an unconventional or informal venue, loads of individual style, DIY touches, chic, non-traditional wedding outfits, personal accents, and a vibrant, interactive programme.” 

A blast from the past: Kraft paper favour bags as well as sepia-print childhood photos tied to balloons.  Planner: Ode To Joy Wedding Concepts

A blast from the past: Kraft paper favour bags as well as sepia-print childhood photos tied to balloons. Planner: Ode To Joy Wedding Concepts

Jessica and three other wedding planners show how you put together a truly memorable wedding. 

Do your homework!
Research is a must, says Wenxin Zhang of The Wedding Stylist. “Such celebrations are about daring to go off the beaten track, and may look effortless, but there is a lot of planning and poring over the details – from meticulously visual dessert tables and quirky labels to even carefully curated playlists reflecting both your tastes and style.”  

It all boils down to the elements, says Joan Li of Ode to Joy Wedding Concepts. “Hipster celebrations are about anything deemed cool in this day and age, so you must research to remain relevant. For starters, look up the latest hipster trends in terms of colour palettes, decor, entertainment ideas, favours, and even food.”  

Mix things you love
Everyone wants a Pinterest-perfect wedding, but how do you make it your own? “Your wedding should really be a mix of everything you love,” says Wenxin. “It’s about doing something no one else – or at least no one else you know – has done before. It’s okay to adapt your ideas from Pinterest (everyone does), but every element – from the dress code to the stationery, decor, and even activities – should represent you.”  

Paper flag table numbers, flowers in mason jars and burlap-wrapped favours add to the hipster atmosphere. Planner: Spellbound Weddings

Mak it personal
“A hipster wedding isn’t hipster enough if it doesn’t represent a strong message about a couple’s unique identity, so include a lot of personal touches in your celebration,” says Jessica. 

Do-it-yourself touches are a great way to inject your personality. Look through craft websites to see what you can make. Wenxin says, “If projects are too complicated or time-consuming, try easier ones such as painting your own centrepieces or frames to complement your colour scheme. One of our brides made her own boutonnieres and corsages with silk flowers.” 

Regina Ng of Spellbound Weddings recommends personalising wedding invitations or stationery with illustrations. She says, “There are no norms when it comes to being hipster, so be as creative as possible.” 

Go vintage. A venue with a similar vintage vibe makes it even better. Planner: Spellbound Weddings. Photography: Samuel Goh Photography & Ksana            

Work with the weather
Unless you’re having your wedding overseas in a cooler climate, you’ll have to reckon with Singapore’s heat and humidity. Most hipster weddings on Pinterest are depicted as fun, outdoor events on verdant lawns, but that isn’t always possible here – especially if you’re having a lunch do. 

To get around this, Joan says, “Pick an air-conditioned indoor location with an alfresco vibe. Go for more rustic or woody decorations and floor-to-ceiling glass windows with pretty views of the surrounding greenery. The sun may be shining, but your guests will thank you for being thoughtful about their comfort and finery.”

If yours is a garden wedding, think of ways to beat the heat, advises Wenxin. “You could tell guests in your invite that the ceremony will be outside, so they should make sure they dress for the weather. Also offer fans and cooling refreshments with a little local flavour, like ice kacang or chendol and kacang puteh, curry puffs and Nonya kueh. And how about homemade marmalade or even chilli paste as favours?” 

Inject your personalities via customised stationery. Use an illustration one of you did or have your handwriting printed. Planner: The Wedding Stylist 

Be flexible
The goal of being a hipster, says Regina, is to be non-mainstream. Hipsters make what’s old-hat new again. For instance, dressing like a hipster means wearing something that looks or is more vintage, whether you’re buying it from a boutique or having it tailored. Even if you’re planning a more formal occasion, you can adapt elements and create a balance to ensure your celebration is more appealing and classy.”

Have fun
Joan and Jessica see a hipster wedding as more relaxed and cosy, and involving a fair bit of let-your-hair-down fun for all. “The more casual, personalised  vibe allows guests to discover more about the couple’s attractive personalities and quirky interests,” says Jessica. 

Inject local flavour. Opt for a kacang puteh stand with your cocktails. Planner: Spellbound Weddings. Photography: Samuel Goh Photography & Ksana

This story was first published on Her World Brides, Sept 2016

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